Tuesday, August 2, 2011

~It's school time again.~

~Well, on Sunday Phillip surprised us by saying...that he thought that we ought to start school the VERY NEXT DAY...on Aug. 1st, so that when we go to Argentina soon, the kids will have some schoolwork behind them and they can have a little break while we are moving. 
WHEW!  So, I got myself together and planned a special day.  For lunch we had Slow cooked pepper steak over noodles, homemade blackberry lemonade...and you'll see our dessert a couple pics down. =)~
~Our family before we ate our yummy lunch.~
~And for dessert...we had Chocolate fondue with marshmallows, apple slices, strawberries, and cubes of orange cake to dip in it.  Yummy! =)~

~Meet the principal of our school...My Sweetheart!  He's a GREAT principal.  (And yes, I'm the secretary/head teacher and I make it a point to FLIRT with the principal. =D)
~The teacher and her 3 sweet students: Noah (2nd grade), Kimberly(8th) and Sarah (5th).~
~The teacher, her 3 sweet students and HER BIG HELPER...ELIJAH! =)~
~And here's her other Helper...Mary...who is STILL trying to learn to sleep at nights.  I trust she learns soon, or this teacher is going to have to go on strike...so I can get some rest.  HA!~
So...we're off on a new school year adventure.  2011-2012!  Exciting!


.......... said...

My favorite part of this whole post is the "WHEW"!!!! Haha, love how you are excited, but you had to take a deep breath there. I went and ordered school stuff today and that's how I felt. Summer (what summer???) went sooo, soo fast. I am having to pump myself up to be excited to start here in a few weeks!! Congrats to you for getting the ball rolling already. Hope your school year is extremely blessed! Love, Carla

mmsbryan said...

Just home from camp meeting for a few hours for Grandma and then back for the rest of the week. Wanted to catch up with your blog and now I am out of breath!

With the carrot before you to go to another country soon maybe that is where the excitment is coming from to get back to studies. What a woderful meal and how did your helpers stay out of the kitchen and study with all that exciting food being prepared? May God bless every effort of both the teacher and students and, oh yes, keep sitting on the principal's lap . . . you have license! I love you, Moma

lila said...

Love your post. Not everyone gets to flirt with their principle. I am glad you get to. Such a loving and precious family. The food looks wonderfull! love you all tons

Stephanie said...

Heather...you always keep me laughing! You guys are too cute!
Our curriculum order came in today, which tells me the remaining days of summer are few! Although we have exactly three weeks before the doors are set to open, I am feeling some restlessness in the house! These kids are ready for some additional structure, I'm thinking. I hope you and the kids (and the principal) have a wonderful school year!

Daryl Hausman said...

Brittany told us she has that "itch" to start school here soon too... we'll let you know "when" that ends up being. Love ya much, Laura

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