Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~Teriffic Tuesday Treat...a cool fruit drink~

My Mom was quick to point out that these fruits are more expensive in the USA.  (I got 4 pineapples for around $2.00.)  Sorry, I haven't lived in the US for over 6 years, and when I did, I lived in AZ where you can probably get these fruits easier and cheaper. I think one could probably adapt this recipe and use fruits like pears, peaches, canned mandarin oranges, etc....but it may not last as long in the refrigerator. =)
~I told you that I would post a recipe for "Fun Food Friday" and here it is...on Tuesday. =) Sis. Farly taught me how to make this.  Here in Colombia this yummy refreshing cool treat called "Salpicón" is very popular.  I know summer is about over there...but there'll still be some warm days into Sep., so I wanted to share this recipe with you.  Here they have special packs of a flavored powder to add to their fruit to make the "salpicón"...but I think that if I were making this in the USA I would try Tropical Punch Kool Aid.  This recipe uses a lot of yummy fresh fruit so is very healthy too!~
1 big very ripe Papaya (or 2 Hawaiian Papayas) (The Papaya should not be hard...almost squishy!)
1 large Pineapple (or 2 smaller ones) (A pineapple is normally ready to use if when you tug at one of it's green leaves...it comes loose.)
8-10 bananas
3 ripe mangos (almost squishy...or very soft.)
4 cups of fresh orange juice (or make from frozen concentrate)
2 packs of Tropical Punch Kool Aid or something similar (maybe Tang?)  DUMP IN DRY!!
8 cups of water
~Dice all the fruit small and let set in the orange juice for about 10 mins. or so.
~Then add the 2 packs of Kool Aid DRY and the 8 cups of water.
~If you plan on serving it right away, add 1 tray of ice cubes and mix well.
~If you plan on serving it later, place it in the refrigerator.  It's best COLD!
~Lasts for 3 days in the refrigerator!
For those of you who have the "frozen fruit" recipe, this is similar in taste, but is more runny.
It's a very fun, cool refreshing treat.  It makes about 1 and 1/2 gallons of juice/fruit.
And as always...ENJOY!!
~Phillip snapped these pictures of Elijah enjoying "Salpicón" this morning.  (Yes, he got himself dressed! =)~
~Notice his "salpicón" mustache. =)~
~Last night the kids and I made choc. covered strawberries...and the brand new bag of sprinkles accidentally fell and went everywhere.  I believe that we will be finding sprinkles that hid from the broom for the next few weeks. =)~


mmsbryan said...

Your drink sounds good but have you forgotten what that would cost back home?????? I think that I will wait until we come to see you, now if I can just get Daddy thirsty. I laughed out loud when I saw Elijah's clothes, I think that he is practicing for "mismatch day" when he is big enough to go to school. It looks like even Mary was in wonder at her brother. How I wish I could hug each of the five about right now. Love, Moma

lila said...

That drink made me thirsty. I did something quicker, I went a got a snapple pop cicle. They are so yummy. Your strawberries are cute! Sorry about the spill. Thanks for your posts, always love them. love you tons

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Wow, looks super yummy! Now I really NEED to come visit you! And Elijah is so cute in his little "outfit"! Love, Hannah Klunder

Daryl Hausman said...

Elijah made me laugh, (at his expense poor guy) with his outfit. And the strawberries absolutely look DELICIOUS!!!! made my mouth water...
love you all,

Daryl Hausman said...

Mary looks like she's wanting a drink of Elijah's whatever-you-call-it! =) Looks yummy, I'll just have to pray that the Lord lets us come and visit and you can give us some of that drink! Here the pineapples are sometimes $4 each to say nothing of the rest of the fruit you have. I love recipes though that are true to culture and Thank the Lord with you all that He has placed you where you can get such fresh things SO CHEAP!!! Love ya!

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