Thursday, July 30, 2015

~"We have THIS Moment"~

The other day I made this little sign and put it in a frame.
~My sign reads, "We have Today!" ~
That sign reminds me of several things.
#2 I only have to worry about Live TODAY!
#3 God has promised New STRENGTH for each day! :-)

When Phillip saw my sign he said, "That reminds me of the song, "We have This Moment!"
So, I looked up that song and Loved it.  It made me cry!
(Click song title to enjoy the song)

~Then I put that saying on one of my chalkboards.  ~
 ~Here recently, since I have sweet Baby Abigail who can't seem to get the concept that normal people SLEEP at night ;-), Phillip has been "carrying me."
Since our days and nights are mixed up right now...There are days when I probably look like Cinderella ...BEFORE her Fairy showed up, ;-)  
but my Sweet Phillip LOVES ME BECAUSE HE LOVES ME, and not because I'm all dressed up, have it all together, or perfect.
One of these days when it is JUST PHILLIP AND I...I will Sweep the floor, because it's the thing to do, and NOT Because the floor REALLY NEEDS swept. :-)

But NOW-A-DAYS....
when I sweep my floor, there's enough DIRT to use, to create another ADAM ;-) ,
and there's always a LEGO or 7,
a pony tail,
a rubber band,  
and a car in my dirt pile too. :-)
And When You pull out a chair at our table, your hand permanently STICKS to the chair. :-)
And NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY, with 8 of us, there's ALWAYS some clothes and dishes to wash!

WE HAVE THIS MOMENT To hold in our Hands 
and to Touch as it slip through our fingers like Sand.
Yesterday's gone and tomorrow may never come,
But we have this moment today!

Mrs. Regina Stetler put it this way,
"The DAYS are L.O.N.G., but the YEARS are SHORT!"

So, I'll hug my baby tight, 
and treasure her ENDLESS little FINGERPRINTS on the glass tables and doors.
And hang the 39th PIECE OF ARTWORK from Elijah and Mary on the refrigerator,
And scrub Noah and Elijah's jeans for the BILLIONTH TIME,
Realizing that I'm BLESSED to have TODAY
And that These MOMENTS pass by so Rapidly (I can hardly believe that our Sarah will be 15 in Dec. and our Kimberly will be 18 in Jan!)  
~Mary drew this picture for me.
When I asked her what it was, she said,
"IT'S A MOSQUITO EATING A BANANA!"  I howled laughing! :-) ~

With Jesus' Help...I plan to ENJOY THESE MOMENTS that He has given to me with my sweetheart of a Husband and our 6 wonderful children! 
(all the while trying not worry about this not-as-spiffy-as-I'd-like-it... house!:-) 



lila said...

What a sweet song!! Thanks for sharing it!! I hadn't heard it! It is so true. Sorry you are not getting to rest at night. Jesus won't put more on you than you can bear. He will come through just in time. I will be joining you in prayer for this situation!! Hugs and prayers my dear friend

Moma said...

Heather, why in the world did you laugh at your little Mary's art, I can tell that it is exactly what a "mosquito looks like eating a banana!" I have laughed also, but don't you tell her, I am just not there to see the thing in front of her so I can fuss at you for her benefit. ;) Your thoughts were good on child raising for it goes so fast that when they are gone you wonder if you have done your best. I love you, Moma

Keith and Crystal said...

((((((HUGS)))))) Hang in there! Sending love and prayers. ~Crystal

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