Wednesday, July 22, 2015

~Abigail is 11 months!~

~Our little precious Abigail girl is ON THE MOVE!~
She is constantly CLIMBING everything!!
She has learned how to crawl OUT of her her days in the walker are OVER!
~She is constantly making messes.~
 ~And she is constantly CLIMBING THE HARD STAIRS and giving this mother a heart attack.~
 ~Almost to the first landing!~
 ~On the first landing headed up the last few steps!
Before Kara B. left I asked her to take these pics of Abigail's feet! 
I thought the pics turned out so cute! 
(Kimberly wrote the words, "...fearfully and wonderfully made" on the bottom of Abigail's little foot.
 Each time Kimberly wrote another letter, it would TICKLE Abigail's foot and she would giggle and Move her little foot! :-)
 ~And here's the Black and White version.~

Today Jesus and our kids helped me take 
Abigail's 11 month pics!

~Gram, See how TALL I am?~

 ~So Sweet!~

 ~This picture shows you how ORNERY Abigail is.  
Grandpa and Grandpa, do you see that ONE RAISED EYEBROW that looks JUST LIKE HER GRANDPA D. when he's teasing someone? :-)
(In this pic you can also see her (T.H.R.E.E.) teeth on the bottom which makes her cute smile look crooked. :-)~
 ~Love her BLUE eyes!~
 ~When Abigail wakes up...ALL THE KIDS RUN TO SEE WHO CAN GET TO THE BABY FIRST! :-) ~
 ~Love this little dolly!~
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for sending us Sweet Baby Abigail...Now, IF YOU COULD JUST P.L.E.A.S.E. TEACH HER HOW TO SLEEP! ;-) 


Moma said...

Oh Heather, she is so cute! I loved the pictures, all of them and would love to see her. She is a dolly and that is the cutest dress, is it a hand-me-down from Mary? I am sure that she is a doll to each of the kids. Daddy and I are praying that she will soon learn to sleep so her Daddy and Moma can have some energy. Gramp and Gram loves her very much, as we do all the other five! Gram

Brittany said...

She sure is a cutie!! Love these pictures! ­čśŹ

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Heather, I love the verse on the bottom of Abigail's foot, and how fearfully and wonderfully our Lord has made each of your precious children. In our younger days with only 2 boys at home, I never dreamed that each son would acquire a beautiful daughter-in-law for us, and then have a family of loving children. Now if all of us can make it to Heaven, that will be bliss beyond compare!
Little blue-eyed Abigail has turned into such a cute little girl with her own distinct personality. It's been enjoyable to see her pictures and watch how she has been growing and maturing. These pictures of her with her blue eyes and her blue dress are so sweet. Such a charmer she seems to be!
Does Elijah still love her as much as he used to? I am sure he does.
You may ask me if I still love each of you as much as I used to love you. Yes, I do, and I believe I love each of you even more than I used to love you. Smile. I'm so glad you are in God's hands. You could be in no safer place.
With love and with joy to have you all in my life and in my heart, Mom D

lila said...

What a cute little ornery girl!!! Gorgeous pics!! Love and prayers

lila said...

What a cute little ornery girl!!! Gorgeous pics!! Love and prayers

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