Thursday, July 9, 2015

~Happy Independence Day, Argentina!~

I'm a PK!  I've always LOVED being a Preacher's kid!
~# 1...I LOVE my Preacher Daddy and my sweet Moma, the QUEEN of the parsonage! :-)
~#2 The people in Each church Daddy pastored treated us so special.
~#3 God saw fit to call Daddy to pastor in several States, thus preparing ME FOR THE LIFE GOD HAD PLANNED FOR ME..WITH MY PASTOR HUSBAND, MR. PHILLIP, MOVING FROM COUNTRY TO COUNTRY!  :-) 
~#4 I have a TON of GREAT memories from growing up in a wonderful pastor's home!
~#5 My parents didn't just "PUT UP WITH" the different culture, food, and people of EACH CHURCH, NO, THEY TRULY FELL IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE.  
From the swamp lands and shrimp gumbo of Louisiana, to the Western hills and row of Cowboy hats above the coat rack in the church in South Dakota, my parents LOVED IT ALL, and LOVED ALL THE PEOPLE AS WELL!!!
As you know, our attitude as parents...affects our kids!!!
My parents' attitude taught me to LOVE wherever God has placed my family and I!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

So saying, Today is the Independence day for Argentina! (Celebramos el dia de Independencia del Pais de Argentina!)
We and some friends just finished celebrating Argentina's 199th year of Independence!

Here are pics!
~Some friends of Uncle Willie's came by, and we had a nice visit with them.~

 ~I bought some ribbon, a couple flags and then went around my house looking for light blue and white and Argentine things with which to decorate. :-)
Here I cut some extra wide Argentine ribbon and put it in my distressed white frame, and threw in some Argentine coins in this decor.~
 ~Argentina produces and drinks a LOT of hot tea, so it was fitting to add a tea cup and an Argentine tea bag!~

 ~I was happy to find a large flag for cheap!~

 ~I used white and blue plates for the colors of the flag, and then the lemons added the touch of yellow like the Sun in the middle of the flag. :-) ~
 ~I made little goody cups in blue and white muffin papers on which people could snack .~
 ~For dessert (for the kid's sake) I made DIRT DESSERT, COMPLETE WITH GUMMY WORMS! :-) ~

 ~Olive oil and vinegar and my French bread on a lazy susan, ready for the meal to begin.~
 ~And for the kids' table...The other Dirt Dessert
( Dirt Dessert is made out of pudding, coolwhip, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and for the "DIRT" ...crushed Oreos! :-)~
 ~Valentine and Baby Abigail...sporting her little "pony do!!" hair do.~
 ~BuBu and Valen's cousin visiting from Taiwan was able to come.  It was nice to have her.~
 ~Nearly all of us.  Bubu and Leo came later and Little William couldn't join us.  :-( ~

~Baby Abigail and her Daddy!  She LOVES her Daddy.
She is going through a SHY stage where she is pretty clingy to both of us right now. ~

 ~Aunt Caro got Elijah a new Argentine shirt, for he WORE OUT his first one from her!
~And of course, Here in Argentina they drink a lot of the herbal tea called MATE as well! (MAH-Tay)~
  ~And one can't drink Mate without having something to go along with it.  Usually it is something salty or sweet, or a mixture of both. So, I added a couple typical Alfajor cookies into my decor.~

 ~Valen's other cousin Jenny came to English class too. It was fun having her as well.~
 ~Mommy and her Baby Abigail. (Thanks, Aunt Caro, for the pic. :-) ~
 ~I used the blue sand from Mrs. Luann and white flour to have the Argentine colors.~
 ~And we took out "America" and Kimberly added "Argentina" to my "God Bless America" chalkboard.~
 ~Dear Uncle Leo and Aunt Caro, and Phillip and I.
We treasure these nights of English class with these dear friends.  Oh, the discussions we have. :-)  Caro and I would agree...that Our men could talk BIBLE ALL NIGHT!!  :-) ~
 ~And U. Charlie and A. Yoli came by for a fun visit today.
Yummy coffee, and a nice visit with Dear Christian Friends... Life doesn't get much better than that! :-) ~
 Happy Birthday, Argentina!!!


GLOANN said...

You're very talented in decorating for any occasion with what you have on hand. And it always looks good and festive.

Moma said...

Oh baby Abigail in her shy stage. So cute and are all the other posts. I love you, Moma

lila said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate their 199th year!! You are the best!!Love you tons

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, you introduce us to all of your Argentine friends, and you help us to see their beauty and to love them - in the same way you see and love them. The joy they have visiting with you shows, and I'm glad you all are learning to love each other deeply. I hope the lessons that Phillip gives in his English class are a help and a blessing to his students because that way, if I ever meet any of them, I will be able to converse with them in English, and to be friends with them. Smile.
The items and the methods you used celebrating Argentina's independence made your house look special, and I'm sure made that day special for your visiting friends, and for your family. It made it special for me, for sure! Love, Mom D

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