Saturday, July 4, 2015

~Happy 4th of July!!!~

~We hope you have a Happy Fourth!~
We had a Very Happy 4th! 
We celebrated on the First with our English class. :-)
Here's a few pics of my decor and our celebration for you to enjoy!~
~A patriotic white chocolate, raspberry, blueberry cake I made a few days before the 4th!~

 ~Abigail's FIRST 4th of July!~
 ~I thought Sarah did a great job making this chalkboard for me!~

 ~Luann brought the kids some blue magnetic sand, so I used it to decorate.~
 ~I had fun decorating.  I just looked all around my house for anything I wanted to throw into the decor. :-) ~
~I took my little white frames and used them to spell America.
And wrote "Freedom" with Scrabble letters.~
 ~A fun antique wooden tennis racket case that Phillip found beside the road for me, and then we put a chalkboard inside it. :-) ~

 ~Phillip drew me a flag on my chalkboard.~

 ~I made the Reeses's covered in white chocolate, so I could make them red, white, and blue. :-) ~

 ~A made a 2 layer jello cake.~

 ~The inside of the jello cake.
I put coolwhip and blueberries in between the 2 layers. It was light and yummy!~
 ~Patriotic cupcakes.~
 ~I was happy to find these cute polka dotted cup cake papers!~

 ~I took the leftover red and blue jello from the cake and made some desserts in our glass cappuccino cups.~

 ~Someone gave me this fun red lace.
So, for a touch of decor in the kitchen...I tucked the red lace into a white distressed frame and put a blue and white glass sugar bowl in front of it!  ~
 ~Normally you don't burn candles on Fourth of July (as part of the decor), but it's chilly here! :-) ~
 ~Chocolate Reeses's that I made. We LOVE this recipe!  It is less sweet than normal Reeses's!~
~ I kept thing simple.  Chips and dip, Doritos, Drinks (which Leo and Caro provided), a salad, hot dogs and trimmings, and lots of desserts. :-)
 ~Thanks to Luann bringing us LOTS of Blueberry jello...we had blueberry jello jigglers too, which the kids LOVED!~
~Sarah and a just-awake Baby Abigail~

 ~Elijah took this pic of us.  For our English class we played a Fun game of Scrabble in English, of course!!~
 ~Sweet little Mary~
 ~Our simple place setting.  Since we were going to play Scrabble I couldn't set the table all fancy beforehand. :-) ~

 ~Those cupcakes were ALMOST within Abigail's reach. :-) ~
 ~Bubu, Noah, and Elijah!~
 ~Mary, Sarah, and Valen.~
 ~The kids played with the blue magnetic sand that Luann gave us and made a "dessert!" :-) ~

 ~Noah and Jonathan!~
 ~Caro and I.~
 ~Peek-a-boo I see you! :-) ~
  ~And Thanks to Emily, I had fun red bows to put on my blue shoes. :-) ~
Yes, We had a Lovely time celebrating 4th of July with our friends here in Argentina!


Moma said...

I loved the fourth of July celebration that you could have with your friends! I loved your silhouette Pictures that your guest took of your family. It is a wonderful idea and I guess it was the photography ideas that she had. Sarah did a wonderful job with the letters on the chalk board - she is her Daddy's daughter! I really enjoyed all your July 4th decorations with the little white frames and all. Love, Moma

Brittany said...

Your decorations are always so cute and creative! And boy does that cake look YUMMY!

lila said...

All of the patriotic food looks beautiful and yummy!!! Your shoes are cute!! Very nice post!!

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