Tuesday, August 4, 2015

~Our Lord's day and happenings around here!~

We had a good Lord's day.
My new friend Irene and her boys came to church for the 2nd time and we were THRILLED to have them!
~Kimberly sang in the choir at church Sunday A.M.~
~Fernando and Mariela (that come to our Sunday night Bible study) asked if we could please have communion once a month. So, Phillip bought these cute mini glass goblets, and I made the grape juice.
Concord grapes aren't in season right now, so I had to use regular grapes.
The color wasn't right, but the taste was yummy! :-) (I could have added food coloring, but didn't.)~

 ~And here's our crackers for our communion.~
 ~Us getting ready for Phillip to serve us communion. (excuse the blurry pic.)
God's sweet presence settled down on our little group, and it was a special time of Praising Jesus for His unspeakable gift of dying on the cross for us!
Each week Phillip faithfully invites others from our community to our Sunday night Bible study, and some have promised to come, but haven't showed up yet.  Thank you for your prayers as we continue to try to touch these lives for Jesus.~
 ~Mariela brought a yummy lemon cake for us to enjoy.~
  ~I didn't know that Mariela was going to make a cake, so I had made cupcakes for our snack after our Sunday night Bible Study I made these cupcakes.
We all enjoyed her cake and my cupcakes. :-)
Phillip got me a new little tool to take out the center of a cupcake, which made it fun to fill these with caramel (Dulce de Leche) and then...~
  ~I topped them with a dollop of Coolwhip and put blueberries on some and white and choc. chips on the tops of others.~
 Everyday happenings in our home!

~Sweet Baby Abigail giving her "MiMi" kisses. :-) ~
 Like I mentioned earlier our kids had their "summer break" in November, December, and January.  That is when we celebrated Christmas with our U.S.A. family,
PACKED to move to Argentina,
then Flew on Christmas Day to Colombia to visit 2 of our churches there for a month,
then at the end of January we flew here to Argentina.
So, right now our kids are working to finish this school year, before we start the next one.
While they study, Mommy is BUSY in the kitchen making fun treats for them to enjoy. :-)
~I made Funnel Cakes, and they were a hit!~
 ~Daddy often walks and prays with Baby Abigail.
She loves to snuggle with Daddy, and falls asleep SAFE IN HIS ARMS. :-)~
~Our dear friends Oscar and Nan brought us 25 kg. of flour, or half of this huge bag of flour!!  
So, I mixed up some homemade Whole Wheat bread, and have made LOTS of other treats, shared some flour with a friend, and still have LOTS left.
  What a Blessing!~
 ~One Saturday morning the kids and I made omelets.  Yum!~
 ~And there are these funny looking round Zucchini squash here, so I made some zucchini-nut bread.~
 ~Mary and Elijah dressing up like "Queen and King!"
Elijah uses Mary's skirt as his "crown"...making him look more like a PHARAOH than a King. :-)~
 ~One afternoon for a "WAKE-UP Snack" I made some Mexican Wedding Cakes, or Snowball cookies to enjoy with our coffee.~

I hope that you and yours are having a wonderful week in Jesus!


Bryon and Michele Fling said...

Sammy loved the pic of them playing king and queen.....he plays a ton of kingliness making mommy act out all the queen parts. Many times I write and it refuses to post to your blog. Enjoy your blog tons and pray for you daily.

Bren said...

I love reading your blog. It inspires me to be a better mommy:)! We get your "picture card" updates and enjoy getting them. I loved the "king's" flip flops. It made me smile:)

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you, Michele, and Bren, for your nice comments! It was nice hearing from both of you!


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