Tuesday, July 21, 2015

~Happy Independence Day, Colombia!~

In June 2006 we moved to Bogota, Colombia to serve Jesus as missionaries. 
We spent the next nearly 7 years of our lives in that beautiful country!  We grew to LOVE Colombia. 
We Love it's yummy food, beautiful mountains and scenery, and fell in love with Colombia's very PRECIOUS people!! 
Colombians are a very happy hospitable people who OPENED their arms and hearts and LOVED our family!  :-)
Yesterday was our Beloved Colombia's Independence day.  This is how we celebrated!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
En Junio 2006 nos mudamos a Bogota, Colombia para ser misioneros.
Dedicamos casi 7 años de nuestras vidas a ese hermoso pais!
Nos Enamoramos de Colombia!
La gente de Colombia es una gente bien alegre y es muy hospedables.
Ellos abrieron sus brazos y sus corazones a nuestra familia. :-)
Ayer era el dia de Independencia de nuestra amada Colombia.  Asi lo celebramos.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~To our family, there's no better coffee in the world than COLOMBIAN coffee! :-) ~

 ~Just the SMELL of this coffee makes my heart SMILE!~
 ~Since we didn't have a Colombian flag with us, We hung one of the boys Colombia shirts and yellow, red, and blue balloons. :-) ~

 ~I made a Colombian flag for our centerpiece. 
When I got it on the table, Elijah said,
"THAT IS THE BEST FLAG...(and then before I could swell with happiness he ADDED) 
(I laughed and asked him, "Have you EVER seen me make a flag?" ;-) ~

 ~These 3 are at least HALF Colombian!  :-)  They were 8, 5, and 2 when we moved there! :-) ~
~I was OUT OF ENERGY this day...so I just made simple red jello.~
 ~Elijah made this this cute little "Colombian heart!"~
 ~And we enjoyed Oreos with our jello dessert.~
 ~3 "Colombian kids."~
 ~And I made "Pumpkin Latte" with Colombian coffee!~
 ~OoH...La...LA!  :-) ~


Sherry L Dickinson said...

I really enjoyed this post, Heather. I'm so happy that your family went to Colombia and broke the spell of terror that I felt from hearing about all the terrible things that have happened there. With Jesus being your protection, you guys met the people, saw the scenery, did business with officials, and became Colombian citizens. And we learned from you that Colombian people are some of the most warm and engaging people there are. It was fun seeing the coffee package, and it's so neat that you think that Colombian coffee is the best. Your Pumpkin Latte sounded so delicious to me! I am sure your family enjoyed that pretty red Jell-O, as much as any dessert you've ever made because you decorated it up and served it with love as a nice treat. I think it's just wonderful that your children are part Colombian. That makes them extra - special! I like it that I get to hear of items of interest from around the world because of you telling it to us on your blog. I love hearing about all these things. Thank you! Love, Mom D

lila said...

Beautiful post!! Such a nice celebration!! Love and prayers

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