Wednesday, July 15, 2015

~It's Fall here, Y'all!~

Well, Fall/Winter...but the winters here in Buenos Aires are more mild, so it feels like our Fall weather!
As my readers know, I L.O.V.E. FALL!
Fall is my favorite season!
So, I'm loving...
~Dates with my sweetheart-husband!!  We started dating in the Fall of 1992! :-) ~
 ~Rainy days (our sweet Sarah enjoying her rain boots and umbrella)!~
 ~Drinking hot teas and burning candles~
 ~Our Silly kids!~
 ~English classes~
 ~Homemade Hot rolls, butter, and jam!~
 ~Hot apple crisp!~
 ~Bowls of homemade chili shared with my family and our dear friends~

 ~Soppy Chocolate and biscuits for breakfast!~
 ~And look what is growing in our back yard?~
 ~It reminds me of CHRISTMAS time!~
 ~So, yesterday, I cut a couple to enjoy for a few days few hours ;-), and made some ...
 ~Coffee... and ~
 ~Yummy Pumpkin chocolate chip scones!~
 ~Falling Leaves!~

~And Time with Jesus!  ~
Our Precious baby Abigail HAS NOT SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT for Guess WHO ELSE HASN'T SLEPT for months???!
This Mommy (and Daddy) are EXHAUSTED!!!!
No matter what we have tried, she wakes up 3 to 4 times a night, and sometimes stays awake for an hour or two! :-(  
(Since our walls are connected to the next persons house, her crying too long isn't really an option!!) 

I'm SURE that Jesus can take this wonderful ball of Energy NAMED ABIGAIL and use her in His service some day, but in the meantime..she's going to KILL her mother.  ;-)

This week I was soooo tired that I felt like I was going to break!
So, I went to bed and Plead the Blood and asked Jesus to PLEASE touch my tired body!

The next morning, I felt much more encouraged in Jesus...and He reminded me...
Today's laundry, today's dishes and meals, today's school day,...I ONLY NEED STRENGTH FOR TODAY...
I don't have to worry about tomorrow!

~Pictured below are My resources that help me keep going in Jesus each day!
The KJV Bible,
God Calling devotional book,
And Streams in the Dessert!
And of course, LOTS OF PRAYER!!!~
So, if you are feeling overwhelmed in your life ...
REMEMBER Jesus has promised 



Audrey said...

My little one has had trouble sleeping as well and I have started rubbing Lavender Essential Oil by DoTerra on her feet before she goes to sleep at night. It has helped her sleep much better, you might want to try it if you have not already done so.

Brittany said...

beautiful pictures! And thanks for that reminder - He is always faithful to give us strength for the day. Prayers for you and baby Abigail!

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you, Audrey for this tip! We've tried it for a couple nights, and I think it it might be helping her. :-)

lila said...

Have you tried feeding her cereal before bed? I hope and will be praying you can get some rest!! Beautiful post!! Elijah and Mary's pic crack me up!! They are partners in crime! LOL. I'm glad you are enjoying the fall weather!! Love and prayers!! I'm glad to be back on your blog!! That is the first Jim loaded on our new computer!!!

Jennifer Grissom said...

Fall is my favorite season, too!! So sorry you're not getting to enjoy a full night's sleep. That makes it tough!! I know I need sleep. Ha. My SIL uses an essential oil called "peace and calm" on her little wild Indian. ;) It has made a difference in her sleeping. Just thought I'd pass the info along.

Moma said...

Lila I wondered where you were! :) You are always so faithful to comment and then you "were no more" for the last few posts. I enjoyed catching up on all the posts, I don't know where I have been for today I realized that I have missed so many. Love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I am so sorry about Abigail, Phillip, and you not getting sleep. It is pure agony when one is so tired they could nearly die but don't get to go to sleep. I pray that Jesus will help you find a solution to this problem. Please do send me the recipe for those Pumpkin Scones, Heather, but you don't need to send me the amount of chocolate chips to put in them. (LOL!) I've had a hankering for that flavor of scones for some months, now. Bless Phillip for being faithful with his English tutoring and being faithful with having home church services. Little is much when God is in it. What an exciting Fall it was when Phillip and you began to date. It made me feel so young at heart, and so happy that Phillip was spending time with such a beautiful, blond-headed, long-haired Rapunzel that was such fun to be around. I never dreamed what good things the future held for Phillip and you-such a girl!-such a Phillip! such a courtship! such a wedding day! such exciting pregnancies! such adorable grandchildren!- and the list could go on! Love, Mom D

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