Monday, March 2, 2015

~Percy plans a birthday Surprise for His Sara~

Our new Peruvian friends Percy and Sara were planning to come over on Saturday to bring us the invitation to their wedding.
However when Phillip talked to Percy on Friday night Percy told him that Sara's birthday was on Monday and he would love to have a little Surprise cake, ice cream, and pop for Sara's birthday.  So, Phillip invited them to come over on Sunday evening instead.
Phillip told him that I would be happy to make the cake for her.
~On Saturday evening, Percy dropped by our house with the ice cream and the Pop.
I got the table all ready on Saturday evening as well.  I decided to go with black, yellow and white.  The napkins were yellow and white polka dotted which added some cheer to the black.~

 ~The other day in Kindergarten I was teaching Elijah and Mary about God wanting Scripture verses to be written on the walls of houses as reminders.
That got me thinking that I wanted a short Scripture verse on our small chalkboard.
I came up with this one...BE YE HOLY!
So, Here it is!
I thought my sweetheart Phillip did a BEAUTIFUL job writing this in chalk.~
 ~I made French bread for Sara's birthday supper....~
 ~and it was a HIT!!! :-) ~
 ~And Jesus helped me with her cake.
The cool whip here is pretty wimpy...and would not spread very well on the side of a I used some instant Meringue to make the "peaks" for the sides of her cake and used cool whip and peach slices in between the layers and on the top of her cake.  ~
 ~On Saturday Phillip bought the little "Feliz Cumpleaños" (Happy Birthday) sign and a candle for her cake.~
 ~I should have made some of my peaks bigger to hide the cake, but I didn't know how much meringue I had, and didn't want to run out. And once I got the Meringue peaks on that cake, there was NO PULLING out that wax paper that I used just to "keep my cake plate clean!" :-) ~

 ~Noah helped me by making some black and white polka dotted place cards for my table.~
 ~We served a Caesar Salad, my french bread and my homemade Fresh peach freezer jam, lemonade, and we introduced them to Cincinnati...Skyline chili. :-) ~
 ~On Sunday evening they came "to bring the wedding invitation and eat supper with us" all that Sara thought it was.
But, the rest of us knew that Percy had planned a fun surprise for her.  :-)
When they first got here Abigail started crying and Sara picked her up.  We thought it was so cute that Abigail got really comfortable with Sara with this only being the 2nd time to see her...and she even "hugged her" by laying down on her shoulder.  :-) ~
 ~Sara and Percy.  To be married very soon! :-)  Please keep them in your prayers as they begin their new journey.~
 ~Here we are around the table.
Thank the Lord they loved the Skyline chili!  Percy said it was "Exquisite" and had 2nds.  Sara liked it too.  :-)
The whole evening was just a "normal evening" until we pulled out the cake and started singing. :-)  ~
 ~The kids table.~
~We had a very nice visit and had some good discussions on living the way Jesus wants us to live...Holy, careful lives!~
 ~And here is Sara's face when I started SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Spanish from the Kitchen and came around the corner with her cake!~

 ~We are happy that Jesus has let our Paths cross with their paths.  Percy and Sara are dear people.~
 ~!Feliz Cumpleaños, Sara.  Que pase esta año feliz con su nuevo marido y con Dios. Que Dios les Bendiga ricamente a usted y a Percy! :-)
(Happy Birthday, Sarah.  May this be a Happy year with your new husband and God! May God richly bless you and Percy. :-) ~


Linda S said...

Love how you open your home to others. It is a great way to share the love of Jesus.

GLOANN said...

You simply amaze me. Taking care of a home, a husband and all the children and you still have time to do special things for so many people.

Bryon and Michele Fling said...

Rejoicing with you at God's workings. Percy was a fun delightful person while we were teaching him in the Institute and Sara was always so happy when we would visit her hometown, Mocupe. To see them so happy visiting and learning more of God under you both, feels my heart to overflowing!! Praise God! Praying for all of you!

Martha S. Bryan said...

Oh Heather such a lovely evening as well as the couple that you helped to honor. So glad that you give of yourself and the creative ways that you are gifted to entertain. I wonder "where" you that ability from? ;0
Daddy promised to take me out to eat and then they are promising 1 - 3 inches of more snow. It isn't coming yet so we are still going - hopefully. I love you all, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Heather, I love how you are giving of yourself to minister to others! This is a real blessing to others and they will always remember these times in your home, and how you devoted youself to feed them and to make them happy. I love it that Phillip and you are taking time for Percy and Sara, as they seem like dear young people that are flourishing under your ministry. That was sweet that Abigail 'needed' Sara's comforting touch. Smile. I love to look at all of you in these fun pictures! Sara and her cake was a fun finishing touch to her 'birthday' party. Smile.

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