Friday, March 27, 2015

~Abigail's Mini nursery, and ONE-Ingredient ICE CREAM!!~

Fun Food Friday...One ingredient ice cream!
~Have you ever wanted ice cream without the guilt?  I have used frozen bananas for years, but only in the last month did Kimberly find this recipe and it's Delish!
1. For each serving of ice cream:
Just dice up one ripe but still yellow banana and freeze it in a bowl for 5 hours.
2. Put it in the Food processor and Process a little, stop and scrape sides, then process again, etc. until you have no more banana chunks and have the consistency of ice cream.
3. Voila! You have yummy homemade ice cream!
It's so yummy and creamy...without the guilt of a bunch of chemicals, added flavorings, added sugars, etc.
Now...if you want to add other things to this,
~we froze a half of a peach and a half of a banana the other day for a different taste.  It was yummy.
~you could add choc. syrup on top
~or peanut butter into or on top,
~Kimberly added a few granules of instant coffee to the banana before she processed it and said it was yummy...
but it's refreshing just the banana ice cream by itself!   Enjoy!!!
~Since Abigail and her Mommy (Me :-) could not bring her lovely pink, gray, and white nursery with us to Argentina (click here to see pics of her U.S.A. nursery)...
and since when we first got here...she was just "stuck in the corner of our room, with no fancies"...~


I decided that I had to make her a little MINI nursery in the corner of our room here in Argentina.  

I mean a little girl needs a girly nursery. :-) 
So, we moved her bed to the OTHER side of our bed....~

~I white wash painted one of the wooden boxes that veggies come in here, and used Mary's little white basket she carried in the wedding last year in which to put Abigail's little creams.
Then I made a little arrangement using Abigail's little rosey colored lace dress,...
~and added her adorable tiny off-white shoes,...
~Included her picture frame with her picture wearing her lace dress and these shoes, and topped it off with my little glittery pink "Love" sign.~
~And here's the little pink and white polka dotted banner I mentioned around Valentines' day that you would see again.
I hung that banner above her crib in front of the door going out onto our balcony. (She loves to lay in bed and watch the banner move with the wind or the fan.)~
~Since these little banners are very popular here...I made 2 little frilly "ribbon banners" by tying bits of pink ribbon, and lace and white cloth on a ribbon and hung these on the outside of  her baby bed.~

~I love her little monkey jammies that she has out-grown, so hung them on the wall above her bed, for another touch of Pink. :-) ~

~Here's one more peek of her Mini Girly nursery in the corner of our bedroom. :-)
It is simply done...but brings a smile to My face. :-) ~


Sherry L Dickinson said...

The banana ice cream in the bowl looks delicious! I like Abigail's new nursery-it is really cute! The monkey pajama's kind of match the dotted banner when you are looking at them from a distance, and all of the antique items together are decorative. Such a creative mother, baby Abigail has! I like this Fun Food Friday post! Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I SO enjoy all of your posts,
pictures, and yummy recipes.
You have the best looking
family and I praise you and your
husband for the Godly examples
and great kids you are raising.
You have the greatest knack for
making something look wonderful
out of almost nothing. I know
money has got to be so tight but
you always come up with festive
tables and décor. LOVE IT !!!
May God continue to give your
harvest for the seeds you are
sowing. Love from the USA !!!

Moma said...

Dearest Heather, Well I am not sure about the taste of those bananas, guess I must try one! I was glad to get the recipe of how you did it. Abagail's nursery is really cute. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of all you did for her. I will get busy and try to get somethings done while I am feeling well. Love, Moma

lila said...

Adorable make over on the nursery!! Ice cream sounds good!! Love and prayers

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