Monday, March 9, 2015

~This, That, and the Choir ~

A Happy (International) Lady's day to all of you LADIES! :-) 
Isn't it fun being a lady?!  I love being a feminine, frilly, lacy, keeper of my home, decorator, cook/baker, wife, and Mommy.  Wow!  What a privilege!  :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
DID I MENTION THAT OUR BABY ABIGAIL GOT her bottom 2 teeth at the SAME TIME right before she turned 4 months?!!!
NOW...last week (at 6 months) SHE GOT HER 4 TOP TEETH IN AT THE VERY SAME TIME!!! :-)
I have NEVER heard of a baby getting 4 teeth AT ONE TIME!!
AND Abigail IS SAYING, "MA-MA-MA" NOW!!!!  :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~At Christmas time we were surprised to get these nice cards from the children's Sunday School at the church in Sunbury, PA. It was so sweet of them to think of our family this way. :-)~
~Food Surprises are quite familiar around our house.  Mommy (and she often has helpers) likes to sneak to the kitchen to make a surprise for the fam...whether for breakfast or just an afternoon "Pick me up snack," or a surprise dessert for lunch or supper.
Here, it was iced coffee with ice cream in it to help our studious students study in the long afternoon, served with Argentina cookies called, "Alfajores!" :-) ~
~One morning Noah and Kimberly surprised us with delicious lattes for breakfast.~

~It's not often that my older girls match anymore. :-(
But the other day, Kimberly had gotten dressed downstairs and Sarah upstairs and they both came out wearing their fun blouses that we got at Rue 21 for $2.99 each. :-)
So, they were "twinkies" for the day!~
~When we studied the letter "B" in kindergarten, Elijah, Mary, and I made brownies.~
~They wanted to add M&M's to them, so I added nuts to the other half.~
~And here are the brownies bathed in some ice cream and peanut butter, with some yummy coffee. :-)
~Daddy and his Sarah heading out on a little date.
~And on Valentine's day Noah, Elijah, and Mary helped Mommy make "Surprise Jam muffins" for breakfast.  ~

~And here are Abigail and ....~
~Elijah laughing at one another.~
~The kids at the Chinese church Sunday school getting a special food treat, ice cream and Chinese empanadas.~
~Sarah and her friend Paola and Mary at the Chinese church.~
~Some of Sarah's friends at church.  (Valentina wasn't back from Taiwan yet.)
L to R: Sarah, Paola, Mary, Diana, and Jenny.~
~Phillip in the Sunday school group at the Chinese Church.~
~Noah practicing his guitar...with a lil' helper.~
~Unfortunately we left our little American flags in the USA.
So, in wondering what I could use for us to pledge each morning in our kindergarten class...Elijah came up with the solution!
Gotta love that little energetic boy who LOVES to help!
(Kimberly said that it was the STARS STRIPES AND STRIPES FOREVER!  :-) ~
~Baby Abigail enjoying her first bites of cereal with bananas.~
~I made "Granny Agan's" chocolate pie the other day.  Delish!~
~Sunday, March 1st, Kimberly sang in the Chinese choir and I played the piano.  (to the right of the choir.)
I was very nervous about a couple parts of the accompaniment, but Jesus really helped me!  :-)~
I trust that y'all have a good Monday tomorrow in Jesus! :-)


Moma said...

I am sorry but the last two posts went the way of all computers! I will try again. Heater, I loved seeing all you did for your "babies". Kimbo and Sarah, your blouses were so cute! I will look forward to seeing you all again on computer when I get back from taking care of GG. Love, Gram

lila said...

What a busy Moma, buzzing house, and cute happy children!! Sweet post. So thankful we can keep connected thru your fun blog!! Much love and prayers

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Abigail is saying Ma-Ma-Ma? How very sweet! I love those handmade Christmas cards! I loved the handmade cards and letters we received from your little family before you all left for Argentina on Christmas Day, too!! I loved Kimberly & Sarah's matching blouses, and neat-o that they both chose to wear them on the same day. Noah is getting to be quite the waiter, as he helped Kimberly make lattes for you all for breakfast. For the letter, "B", you made CHOCOLATE brownies! Why didn't you make "Blond Iced Bars" or something else like that! Ha! Ha! The picture of Sarah & daddy going on a date is so cute-along with Miss Cutie Pie peeking out from behind the chair! The picture of Abigail and Elijah laughing at each other is SO CUTE and it is adorable of them having fun together! The story of Elijah making a flag for school is so very sweet, and his flag turned out to look so good, and then, teasing Kimberly made me laugh so much calling it the "stripes and stripes forever". Elijah will even enjoy this story when he gets older. I like seeing Noah practice his guitar. Sarah and her girl friends with Mary look so cute together! What! You made Granny Agan's CHOCOLATE Pie, the other day? Chocolate? I'm telling you what! No wonder Phillip likes chocolate now! What else could the man like, when that's all you make is chocolate! I do believe you like chocolate. Yes, I do believe that's what you like! I am laughing at your choice of desserts. Love, Mom D
PS - No, there's nothing wrong with your choice of desserts. I'd be the first to eat a piece of YOUR desserts! Smile.

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