Sunday, March 29, 2015

~A Mary update!~

Thank you for your prayers for little Mary.  (See post below for details of Mary's fall.)
Those of you who have FB know that when Phillip took her to the hospital last night, they sent him to the Children's hospital.
At the Children's hospital they:
~took x-rays to make sure that there was no damage inside her head from her fall,
~made sure they didn't need to do plastic surgery on her forehead,
~cleaned her 1 1/4" wound well,
~and instead of stitches decided to super glue it back together. (the gluing instead of stitches should leave less of a scar!)
She was able to come home by 8:30 last night.
~Here is Mary with her little chocolate candy egg (that came with a little toy inside,) and her little pink heart ice cream both of which Kimberly and I bought to give her when she got home from the hospital last night. ~
~We felt it best that she stay home from church this morning (and Elijah was coughing as well.)  Since I had to play the piano at the Chinese church today, Phillip stayed home with little Mary and Elijah, and Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Abigail and I took the bus to church. 
Mary's little nose and eyes are little swollen from her fall, but other than that she seems to be doing well. 
And we Thank God that her cut wasn't any worse!!!
God is Good all the time!  :-)
~Here's Mary holding her baby sister Abigail today.~


Moma said...

I was so sad for Mary. Daddy and I prayed and waited for an update. We are praying that there is "no scar". So glad for the ones that came to the hospital and could take Phillip, Noah and Mary home. That is so nice of them, we would have done the same for our little girl if we had of been there! :) Glad to hear she is doing better, was really glad to see her smile. We are waiting any moment to see Abagail crawl. Then your work will just begin! Love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Little Miss Mary Grace is cute, even when she has a band-aid on her forehead! I'm so thankful that Mary seems to be doing fine, in spite of her long 'ow-eee'. Bless Phillip and Noah for dashing Mary off to be taken care of at the hospital, and bless you for having a litte treat for Mary when she got home from her trip with all of the treatment to her cut forehead. That was quite an eventful Saturday evening for your family! Now, Mary and Joshua have a split forehead in common with each other-both events happening in March 2015! I am grateful that the accidents were not a tragedy-other than the fact that they nearly scared each family out of their wits, and they did give a terrible cut to each child's forehead. The picture of Mary and Abigail is so cute of those two little girls! I'm glad Little Miss Mary is on the mend! Love, Mom D

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