Sunday, March 15, 2015

~Percy and Sara's wedding!~

So, as I told you our new Peruvian Friends Percy and Sara were to get married soon.  Their wedding was yesterday.
Sara had asked us to take pictures, so we did just that...Phillip took LOTS of pictures.  I have tried to post a few of the highlights of their nice wedding and reception.
~Percy waiting in the back to go in the church.~
 ~Percy and His Mother coming in.~
 ~Percy's Mother stood up with Sara.~

 ~The Bride has arrived.~
 ~Getting all ready to go down the aisle.~
 ~Coming inside the church.~
 ~Here Comes the Bride!~

 ~Percy receives his Bride's hand.~

~You may Now kiss your Bride.~
 ~Percy and his new Wife.~
 ~Throwing Rice at the Bride and Groom.~
 ~Percy and Sara and her their Bridal Party.~
 ~And away they take pictures...and then go to the reception.~
 ~The rest of us went on to the reception, across town.
Their pastor and family graciously brought us in their big van, thus saving our family another long bus ride.  :-)
Here is the cake table.~

 ~The new couple arrives at the reception.~

 ~Their wedding party's table.~

 ~Their pastor's wife holding Baby Abigail.~

 ~Their reception was a yummy Argentine Grill out.  Which consists of Lots of yummy grilled meat, freshly chopped salsa to put on top of the meat, hard bread, yummy salads, and drinks.  These 2 men helped serve the food.~

 ~Back in the kitchen, these ladies were getting everything ready.~
 ~Where they were grilling the yummy meat.~
 ~The Bridal table grew through the evening.  :-) ~
 ~The Pastor and wife sitting at their table.~
 ~Phillip and I with Percy and Sara.~
 ~Sara holding Baby Abigail.~
 ~Since their wedding started after 8:00 P.M. on a Saturday night, our family had to leave at 11:25-ish so we could hurry home to get the kids in bed for church on Sunday.  So, we didn't get to stay to see them cut the cake, open gifts, etc.
The Bride and Groom and our family (minus Elijah who has already fallen asleep. :-) ~
It was a nice evening and we were glad that we got to attend Percy and Sara's wedding.  
"Dear Jesus, Please help this new couple as they begin their new home.  Please guide and help them to serve you all the rest of their lives and help them to lead others to you as well." :-)


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh!!! Abbygail is soooo adorable!!! ( sorry if i spelled her name wrong,i can never remember:):):)we miss you all sooo much!! the snow is finally all melted away and we are so excited that spring is poking its way out!!! anyway, have an s-w-e-double -l day(odyssey quote:):):)
love your niece,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

This was fun to see an Argentine wedding. Sara & Percy look happy to be married. I hope they can get some of these pictures to look a bit bigger since they're pretty small. Have mercy, Sarah Ashley & her hair, in that picture of you and her is so pretty I gasped aloud! Who combed Sarah's hair? I love all the pictures of you and your little family, of course! Smile. Yes, we must pray that the Holy Spirit will help this beautiful newlywed couple to take the old-fashioned way of holiness. With lots of love, Mom D

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