Thursday, March 19, 2015

~Abigail is 7 months!~

Where does time go? It seems like I just posted Abigail's 6 month pics, and now it's time to post her 7 month ones. :-)
~Mommy and her baby girl!~
~She is sooooo precious!~
~She probably thinks that she gets W.A.Y.  TOOOOO MANY kisses from her family!  :-) ~
(In this pic you can see 2 of her 4 NEW top teeth that came in all at the same time!)~

~Thank you, Dear Jesus, for our sweet baby girl!!~


lila said...

What precious adorable pics!! She is so cute and I would love to kiss on those cheeks too!! So thankful she has a wonderful loving family!!! Love you tons

Anonymous said...

ohhh!!!! she is adorable! i literally laughed right out loud when i saw that precious little girl!! i can hear her belly laugh through the picture!!! cant wait to see that little darling!!!wont be too much longer!

Moma said...

I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures that I missed since being in Tennessee! These are so special of our little baby turning 7 months, she is a doll baby. I love you all. Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Every one of your babies are so sweet! I can't imagine doing without a one of them! Bob Kamman told Bud and I that he thought Abigail was the cutest baby he'd ever seen. Can you imagine? That's quite a statement! Smile. These pictures with Abigail and you together are so cute! I like Abigail's dotted dress too. Love, Mom D

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I see that Abigail's dress is a print, not dotted. I STILL like it! Abigail's pictures by herself are adorable! I like Darla's shortened name - "Dr Haus". lol! It's a cute name for her. Love, Mom D

Sherry L Dickinson said...
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