Tuesday, March 10, 2015

~Look who is back in Argentina?!~

~Our Dear friends Leo, Caro, Jonathan, and Valentina just got back to Argentina from their long trip!  (Caro is the one loaning us the washing machine! A HUGE BLESSING! :-)
This is the first time we got to see them since we left last June to go home to have Baby Abigail. 
We decided we would go to the river near our home and take a picnic together.
 ~All together...once again!  :-) ~
~Caro made 2 of her YUMMY Tartas (Tart with ham and cheese, egg and Tomato baked inside a crust), and they brought the drinks.
We brought sliced ham, Salami, and 2 kinds of cheeses with crackers.  We also brought my Oatmeal raisin cookies, and jello with fruit in it. ~
~They brought a little fun tent with them.   ~
~Soooo good to have them back in Argentina with us.~
~Noah and Elijah (I caught Elijah jumping to catch the ball).~
~Noah, Elijah, and Jonathan.~
~Abigail meets her "Aunt Caro."  :-)
Abigail was having a rough night and was pretty fussy at the park, and then She ....WE... didn't sleep much that night either.  :-(
I didn't get to get a picture of my DEAR friend Caro and I :-( , 'cause of holding Abigail nearly the whole night. ~
~Their little tent they brought was very nice place in which to lay a sleeping Abigail.~
~Abigail alll snuggy...and in Dreamland.~
~Mary, Sarah and her DEAR friend Valen... HAPPY to be together again.  They enjoyed together! ~
Yes, we THANK THE LORD for bringing our Dear friends Leo, Caro, Jonathan, and Valen safely back to us and to Argentina. :-)  Welcome Back!  :-)


lila said...

How nice to have your friends back with you!! So glad you was able to get together for a fun celebration!! God is good!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

That picture of Elijah up in the air catching the ball is hilarious! I'd not have noticed him flying up there, though, had you not mentioned it. Heather, you're going to have to start hauling around a little pup tent for YOU to take a nap in during the day, since you can't get rest at night. Ha! I think that's wonderful that you had a picnic out in the park with your friends. Your family is THE VERY BEST! I LOVE you guys! Mom D

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