Wednesday, March 4, 2015

~Our last weekend in Colombia!~

~Just now getting around to posting our last weekend pics in Colombia !!!
It was so HARD to say goodbye to all our DEAR Colombian family and friends.
We made LOTS of precious memories during our 26 days there in Colombia!
~Elijah lost his 2 front teeth.  Here's when the first one was gone, and the 2nd one ready to come out.~  
 ~Abigail and Elijah loving each other.~
 ~On Friday we took Nataly and Gaby and our family to one of our favorite parks to go to in Bogota...Simon Bolivar.
Before we left, we happened to notice that all of us (except Sweet lil' Mary) were wearing NIKE tennis shoes, so of course we HAD to get a picture! :-) ~
The park Simon Bolivar is our favorite because it has:
sand for the kids to play in, swings, playgrounds, a lake, plenty of grassy spaces, fun treats to eat, beautiful view of the Andes Mountains, a fun place to take pics, etc. ~
~When we first got there it was cool in the shade, but the sun was making it quite hot.  So, we got some SNOWCONES, with Sweetened cond. milk on top!!  :-)  YUM!!
 I know that the guy was THRILLED to sell 9 snow cones at one time, for Phillip saw his helper GRIN really big when we were walking away.  :-) ~
 ~When I was about Sarah's age, I sold Snow cones in LA.~
 ~Noah enjoying his snow cone with the Andes Mountains behind him.~

 ~We had PACKED A PICNIC TO ENJOY AT THE PARK...and had planned to take some pics of Nataly and Gaby and their family pic, but Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly got stuck in the north doing business and couldn't join us.  :-(
So, I took a quick little nap, and Phillip read his Bible while the kids played.
All of the SUDDEN...I felt rain drops and heard Phillip say, "It's raining!"
We hadn't even taken any pics of Gaby and Nataly yet.
So, Phillip QUICKLY in the sprinkling rain snapped these fun pics of Gaby and Nataly, while the kids and I gathered the picnic together and tried to get something over our heads so we wouldn't get SOAKED!
~Our Sweet Colombian daughter, Gaby!~
~Our TWO SWEET Colombian daughters, Gaby and Nataly~
~Dear Nataly~
~We QUICKLY left the park on foot and walked SLOSHED THROUGH THE HARD RAIN for SEVERAL BLOCKS and somehow in the rush, we later discovered that we LEFT OUR BAGS WITH OUR PICNIC SITTING ON THE GROUND!!!  :,-(
The 2 bags must have been hiding behind the stroller when we left the park!
Our bags contained....lots of ham, cheese, a PRIZED Sam's sized bag of chips, a large salsa, (which you can only get the chips and Salsa in ONE store in Colombia) :-(
Oreo Cookies, napkins, paper plates, and plastic cups.  :-( :-( :-(
Evidently, God knew that SOMEONE ELSE needed our picnic!
No taxis would pick us up in the rain!
While we WALKED in the rain, and then it started HAILING ON US....we became D!R!E!N!C!H!E!D!!!!
Thankfully, Nataly knew of a mall close by, so we went there to dry off, ordered some food and HOT CHOCOLATE AND HOT COFFEE to warm us up, and then waited for the rain to quit.
~Here we are looking like drenched RATS! :-) ~

~A Yummy lunch of "Arroz con Pollo" (Rice with Chicken) that Sis. Farly made for us on Saturday.~
~Sis. Alba the pastor's wife from Medellin recently heard of the Amish and was fascinated with their dress.  So, she made this little Amish outfit for Abigail.  :-) ~

~Our last Service there in Colombia.~
~L to R: Heather, Mrs. Fanny (Sis. Farly's Mom), Sis. Farly, and Judy (Sis. Farly's sister.) ~
~This lady is pretty new to the church.  She is special Olympic athlete, and has won many medals in many countries.~
~Judy's sons and Elijah.~
~Noah being silly with Laura and Alejandra.~
~Little Mary wearing the skirt that Sis. Alba made her.~
~Cindy, Heather, and Joanna.~
~Sarah, Gaby, Nataly, and Kimberly.~
~Alejandra, Mary, and Laura.~
~Elijah and Noah.~
~Back at Pastor Jimmy's house...I made Indian Tacos for Sunday dinner...and then Raul and Judy brought some yummy Colombian food too.~

~The boys being together.~
~Raul and Judy.~
~Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly.~
~Joanna, Heather Sofia, Edgar, and Mary.~
 ~Raul holding Abigail~

~Kimberly and Nataly.~
Thank you, Dear Jesus, for letting us spend 26 wonderful days with our dear Colombian friends and loved ones.
Thank you for your continued prayers for the 3 Dear Colombian Pastors, their families, and their Congregations.

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Sherry L Dickinson said...

There are so many cute things that I could comment on in this post! Elijah & Abigail loving on each other, Abigail's adorable Amish outfit, Elijah's special smile with his teeth out Ha!, cute tennis 'shoe' picture, the lake behind Elijah and Mary, everyone enjoying their snowcones, I forgot you had sold snow cones in LA!, the Andes Mts. in the background of some of the pictures, Gaby and Nataly's pictures were cute of them, Abigail's face looking so surprised as the girls are sitting in the rain, HOW SAD that your wonderful lunch got left at the park!, your Rice with Chicken lunch that Sis Farly made for you all looks so delicious!, it was good to see Joanna, Edgar, and Heather Sophia again! and thank you for reminding us to remember to pray for the three pastor's and their families. Love, Mom D

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