Saturday, February 28, 2015

~Babies are Amazing, Aren't they?~

 ~The day Abigail turned 6 months!~

~Babies are Amazing, Aren't They?!~

Babies are Amazing, aren't they?!
Have you noticed their soft perfect skin?
Their chubby cheeks and cute lil' chin?
Their eyes are as cute as can be!
As they lie there looking up at me!

Babies are Amazing, aren't they?!
Sometime... check out their 10 tiny toes!
Their little red lips and cherub nose!
Their tiny belly button-the only remaining sign
Of how they survived Before their birth time!

Babies are Amazing, aren't they?!
I'll tell you what has got me beat!!!
Is how right after they are born, they know how to breathe and eat!
Who teaches them to smile their very first smile?
And DO THEY KNOW it makes a Mommy's work seem worthwhile?

Babies are Amazing, aren't they?!
Have you studied their sweet little dimpled hand?
Babies have got to be one of the biggest miracles "known to man!" :-D
How can one so tiny and so small
Bring SUCH A HUGE JOY to one and all?

Babies are Amazing, aren't they?!
How can they have Genes from "Grandpa Clyde"
and genes from "Great Aunt Clementine" on the other side? 
How can they wiggle themselves RIGHT INTO your heart?
And then...from then on they are an Integral part?!

Babies are Amazing, aren't they?
How can fingernails grow on the end of fingers so small?
And how can a baby so tiny grow up to be 6' tall?
If you haven't admired a baby recently...
Do So soon!!  Take it from a Mommy! :-)

Babies are Amazing, aren't they?
Babies show us that God is Love
Because He sent His son in the form of one...from Heaven Above!
Babies come straight from the Master designer...the Creator of the World!
Our Father, our God, our Friend, and our Lord!
                                                            ~Heather Jan. 2015~

~All Squeaky and Clean~



Moma said...

Oh Heather your poem is lovely. And the pictures of that baby are too. I am glad for her new teethies but am sad that we can't be there and see her grow. I thank the Lord for the internet that we can enjoy from afar. Love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I love this cute poem about babies! I was happy with the part about 'Great Aunt Clementine', too. Smile. "Their tiny belly button - the only remaining sign...." was pure genius-I don't know what made you think of such a description. Abigail, all squeaky and clean with her tiny finger on the word love made an adorable picture. I'm so thankful that you're happy with your sixth cherub because a mother who loves all of her children, like you do is beautiful. Love, Mom D

lila said...

Lovely poem and so true!!! Nothing warms the heart like holding and cuddling a precious baby!! She is such a cutie!! Love you all

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