Thursday, March 12, 2015

~Helping Train little lives...

...Who in turn, Lord willing, will help train other lives one day!

Last time we were here in Argentina, we were asked if we could help tutor/practice English with some of the young people from the Chinese church.
When we lived in Colombia for nearly 7 years...we were asked by L.O.T.S. Colombians to give them English classes and we never felt free to.
But We had been praying that God would open the doors that HE wanted to open here in Argentina, and Both Phillip and I felt like God wanted us to do this!
So, last night we started our English classes back up and so it was our first English class for this year. 
But first, a couple fun things for FUN FOOD FRIDAY!!!
~I'm sure you've seen these cute little dolphins made out of fruit on FB or Pinterest...I had fun making some of them yesterday!
They delighted us all.  :-) ~
 ~Phillip got some of my "dolphins" (bananas) on sale, so they look like they have been in a "fight."  Lol! ;-) ~
 ~The other day, Phillip and I were out walking and grocery shopping and we passed this cute little purple coffee/tea room which I passed a lot last time we were here, but never went into.
So, I convinced that sweetheart of mine, to PLEASE let us go in, and SHARE a coffee and a little dessert.  :-)
Since he pretty much carries me around on a pillow....(shhhh! Don't tell him I said that ;-) He said, "OK!"
Phillip told me that I could choose the dessert.
So...The dessert we I chose was a brownie with Meringue icing on top.
I had never thought of such a thing...but it was DELISH!
So, after we enjoyed a fun little FAST date, I made a BEE-LINE home and googled, "Meringue icing recipe!"
I was pretty much determined to find one and MAKE IT MYSELF.

So, after looking around  
THIS is what I found!
(You have to watch the video and listen to what they say they do with the Meringue Icing.
The recipe calls for:
8 egg whites
2 cups of sugar
1 T. Amaretto (which I didn't have)
vanilla beans (or I plan to use white vanilla)
1 drop almond flavoring.
~I whipped this up yesterday, and after spreading a thin layer of Caramel on top of my brownies with walnuts,
I put this Meringue icing on top.
It was D.E.L.I.S.H.!!!
It wasn't too icky sweet and sort of reminded us of Marshmallow creme too (which we can't get here.)~
 ~Then, because these brownies were for our kids' English class, I threw on some "FUN" to finish off the top of our brownies.~
 ~So, yummy!
I'm sooooo happy to have found this recipe to pipe on my cakes.
Our family isn't much into butter cream frostings, for they are too sweet for our liking, and since the cool whip here is pretty runny, this Meringue icing has become my NEW FAVORITE ICING!  :-) ~
 ~OK, So, I mentioned above that we had our first English class last night.  (Another family plans to join, but they couldn't last night.)
This isn't just a "Have-fun-speaking-English-and-eating-time".... this is investing in little lives for the KINGDOM OF GOD!!!
In fact Phillip used questions about the Bible for them to think through and answer.  So they were learning to think A LOT in English, while hearing our American accent, and learning about the Bible too. :-)
OUR PRAYER is that Some day, God takes these Chinese young people who speak T.H.R.E.E. languages and uses them to REACH A LOT OF PEOPLE for HIM!~
 ~And here's "Aunt Caro" with a sleeping baby Abigail!
Some of you may remember that last time I was here I asked y'all to please PRAY for Caro.
She was really suffering and hurting A LOT, and the doctors were pretty much convinced that she had Rheumatoid arthritis!!!
Now that she is back from her vacation, I finally got to ask how she was feeling physically.  
And she told me...that she feels like GOD HAS HEALED HER!
She hasn't hurt since JULY!!!

 ~Mary, Valen, and Sarah.~
 ~Us at the adults' table.~
 ~"Uncle Leo" and Abigail.  :-) ~
 ~Sweet Caro, baby Abigail, and I!~

  ~And they brought us some yummy Chinese tea!!!
We drink Chinese tea every day in our house! :-)
We are quite the CULTURAL family.  We drink Chinese tea, Colombian coffee, and Argentine Mate! :-) ~
~Just one more glimpse of my Brownie with caramel and Meringue frosting. PURE DELIGHT!~

Please keep the young people who are coming to our English classes in your prayers!


Bryon and Michele Fling said...

Where did you find the meringue recipe?

The Dickinsons said...

Hey, Michele, I just had to watch the video and listen to what they say they use in the Meringue recipe and how they did it. :-)


Keith and Crystal said...

I'll give that recipe a try. Thank you for sharing it. Looks very yummy. :) I wanted to try those dolphins for the kids one day, but our bananas ripened so fast, they were gone in a flash (we cut down a whole stock from our tree out back and they were gobbled right up). Love to you!!!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, if you keep this up with all of your chocolate dessert selections, Phillip will change from liking vanilla, like he was taught, to liking chocolate the best! Ha! I wish you could take a picture of the purple coffee/tea room. Bless your dear family for having a weekly class to help those intelligent and precious people there to learn English! How wonderful about Caro being healed! Abigail is starting to look like a cross between your baby picture and Phillip's baby picture. Bob Kamman told Bud and I that he thinks Abigail is SO CUTE. That made me happy. Smile. Love, Mom D

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing the Pics!! Oh my word....the pictures of Abigail remind me of Darla when she was a baby! Just wanna squeeze her!! lol :D
Love you guys!!!

Pamela said...

Love hearing how God is using you and your family, Heather. The brownies look delicious and I actually laughed out loud at the dolphins -- right here in Barnes and Noble. My grandchildren are going to love them!

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