Friday, March 6, 2015

~Fun Food Friday~

~One hot day here in Argentina, my 2 kindergarten students and I filled us some water balloons to throw in the back yard. :-) ~

~My 2 Kindergarten students are doing really well! 
They have finished 25 Paces now, which is really swell! :-)
I'm not into doing to many crafts with paper and glue
I'd rather be baking, I'm telling you! :-) 

We've learned lots of letters ...several are done,
So for each letter we learn, we make some Food Fun! :-) 

For the letter "P" we made Fried/Baked Fresh peach pies,
Our family was HAPPY and could hardly believe their eyes. :-)
They were delish, a recipe we will soon repeat,
This is fun ....LEARNING ...while we EAT! ;-)

 ~Our pies all done!~
I used:

~My sister Laura's Never fail pie crust~:
5 cups flour
2 cups shortening
1 T. salt
1 teasp. baking powder
4 t. brown sugar
Cut together and then you'll need:
1 egg
3/4 cup Cold water
1 T. vinegar

Take a 1 cup measuring cup and break an egg into it. Add the vinegar and then fill the rest of the cup up with cold water.
Stir this into your dry ingredients and then chill in 'fridge for 20 mins. Roll out between wax paper or large Cereal bags. :-)  Makes about 16 fried or baked pies.

and then....
~Here's the link from where I got how to cook my fresh peaches and how to roll out and fry the pies. 
(If  you want to bake your little pies (much healthier :-) I just put several of them on a greased cookie sheet and baked them for around 23-25 mins.) ~
(You can make your peaches to taste, can add a tad of sugar, or whatever you like.  I put a thin powdered sugar and milk glaze on my pies, so I didn't sweeten my peaches.)  ~
~These pies were so yummy!~
~Here they are...Pure Delight!  :-) ~
~And we also made fresh peach freezer jam for the letter "P!" ~
~When we studied the letter "I" we made homemade ice cream. 
(I would post the ice cream recipe, but Phillip wasn't impressed with it.  It tasted too much like frozen cream. :-) ~

 ~For the letter "I" ...We made "Inch worms" out of egg cartons!~

Yes, we are having fun learning our alphabet letters and sounds so we can read soon, and are family is LOVING our food treats we are making as our "crafts!!" :-)


Kim M. said...

What a fun and creative way to learn!

Moma said...

Your are a genius! I had to smile at you rather being in the kitchen baking than making other identities with your kids leaning. I know they are glad that they have a mommy like you! I loved you post on line and enjoyed seeing all the kids at their work and play. Our temperature is up to 35 here and forty in Indy. Maybe Spring is coming. I am hoping that Abagail is sleeping better for you. Love, Moma

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