Tuesday, January 31, 2012

~Our trip to "Tigre" part 1~

Some lady here told Phillip about a place called "Tigre" (Tiger) where you can ride a boat and go to a "fruit market".  A few days later we were talking to "Uncle Charlie" and "Aunt Jolie" and telling them about what the lady said, and they said that THEY were going to take us there.  So they planned the trip for last Saturday.  I packed a picnic lunch (enough for all of us) and they picked us up and Did they ever have a SPECIAL day planned for us?!!!  =)  It took us probably about 45 mins. to get to Tigre.
~Once we arrived we found a perfect spot to eat my picnic lunch.  It was under a shady tree right next to a water canal where we could watch all the boats going by! =)  U. Charlie took this picture of our family during our picnic.~
~Two sweet boys!  I had asked Elijah to pray for our picnic lunch and he bowed his head and "THANKED THE LORD for the BOAT RIDE we were going to take!!!"  HELP!  We didn't know what U. Charlie and A. Jolie had planned and if we were going to take a boat ride, but Elijah had just been watching all of those FUN boats pass and was just "having a little TaLk with Jesus!" =)~
~Our 5 children...who bring so much JOY to our lives! =)~
~A. Jolie, Sarah, and I.~
~Eating lots of goodies.~
~Elijah eNjOyInG the No-bake cookies that Kimberly and I had whipped up that morning. =)~
~Just hanging out and enjoying the munchies and cool breeze.~
~U. Charlie and our kids over by the canal.~
~Sarah, Noah, and Elijah by the canal.~
~Sarah, Noah, Phillip, and Elijah, and U. Charlie.~
~Watching one of the MANY boats go by.~
~Then after our picnic lunch...we were surprised when we all got in their car and they took us to the boats and bought tickets for us to take an hour boat ride together!  Elijah's prayer HAD BEEN ANSWERED! =D Here we are standing in line to get on the first wooden boat closest to us.~
~Phillip snapped this quick picture of some of us on the boat....before it got full~
~Our captain.  Phillip was taking a picture of his "Argentine Mate" (hot herb drink) cup, his one-eye burner to heat up his water for his Mate, and his wooden canisters which hold the "Herbs" for his Mate. =)~
~These wooden boats are like boat taxis.  There are a series of canals all around this area which lead to people's vacation homes, clubs, lodges, and cabins.~
Part 2 of our FUN trip coming up!


Daryl Hausman said...

SO glad you all had a nice fun trip!!!
Enjoyed the pics!

lila said...

What a fun time. Glad Elijah's prayer was answered. You have some good looking kids. That was sweet of Charlie and Jolie to plan a fun day for you all. Interesting post!

~Carla~ said...

Oh, I LOVE all the pics! Looks like soooo much fun!!! The kids are getting so big, and they all are soo beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your fun day! ~Carla~

Sherry L Dickinson said...

One thing Elijah does for sure is to smile as big as he possibly can. His smiles make me laugh. I love how he gives life 100%, and then some!
What an interesting 'field trip' this was to read about. Water and boats are fun subjects to enjoy, and I enjoyed reading about your visit to Tigre. We are learning about a lot of places in Buenos Aires that are of interest to tourists. I am enjoying your 'historical' posts so much.
Love, Mom D

Dorcas said...

Your children are so cute and little Elijah seems to be a "HAM" :o) Looks like you had a fun day and trip!!

Anonymous said...

When I saw the pic of U. Charlie, Phillip and some of the kids, my first thought was of the example of faith as they leaned against that rail :)

Always enjoy your pics!

We pray as a family for you guys daily!

Melinda Shirk

mmsbryan said...

How special of God sending an Uncle and Aunt your way in Argentina. I am trying to figure out whose brother and sister they are, Dad and Mom Dickinson's or Daddy and mine, to make them your auntie and uncle? But because of the Blood of Christ we all are just that , brother and sister in the Lord. It is just like Jesus to have another family there for you as you leave the others behind. Hope to meet them someday and I will pray for the food and thank the Lord for a boat ride. ;-) I wonder where Elijah gets his personality! :-0 Seriously that was a wonderful day some very special people planned for you. Please thank them for us. I love you, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Heather, I love your top. It appears to be chocolate and white?! Sooooo cute! Glad to see your smiling faces and see the fun that you've had!
Love ya,

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