Wednesday, January 11, 2012

~Our "High Tea" Party~

~About a week ago Phillip had told the pastor at the Chinese church that we would like to have him and his family over before they go out of town for 3 weeks.  This past Sunday they told us that they would like to accept our invitation to our home and the only day that would work for them was the next day...Monday.  They mentioned that they wanted to come for TEA so that neither she nor I would have to cook. =)
BUT YOU KNOW ME...I L!O!V!E! to cook, so I got all excited and planned and served a "High Tea" at our house!  Here are some pictures of when the pastor and his wife and their 2 teenagers and Aunt Jolie (Uncle Charlie was at work) came to our house for TEA this past Monday.
~Since I don't have all the "FANCYS" to have a Victorian style tea party....I decided to use my fun snowmen cloth napkins that I got on a HUGE after Christmas sale at Hobby Lobby and sort of had a snowman theme.~
~Our table~
~We made our sour cream scones into "snowmen" and served 2 kinds of jelly, and Kimberly made up these yummy Choc. Crinkle cookies.~
~Our centerpiece.~
~But when someone is coming to your house for should have some tea cups right? =)  All that are in this apt. are just a few LARGE every-different-color-mostly-CHIPPED mugs. =(  So, on Monday before our tea at 4:00 PM Phillip ran out to try to find some tea cups and saucers and some bowls (the only places that sell Styrofoam bowls are party stores and they were closed for some reason.)  Phillip and I had no way of contacting each other so I was PRAYING that God would help him find the things that we needed and get back here on time before our company arrived.  He arrived home just 10 MINUTES before they got here!!!  So, we quickly took the tags off of the new dishes (that Jesus helped Phillip to find for good prices) and washed them up and got them on our table...RIGHT before they rang our doorbell.  Here's our tea cups and saucers Phillip found.  He found some other more fancy ones, but the stores didn't have 12 alike like we needed.  I was happy with these. =)~
 ~Our table with the tea cups added. =)~
~Besides the snowmen scones and choc. cookies above, we made yummy cream puffs...
~And we also served my homemade winter squash soup topped with toasted pecans, sandwiches, fresh cherries, hot green tea fixed like the Chinese like to drink it, and they brought some good Argentine empanadas (like a meat-filled baked pie). The empanadas are setting right in front of Kimberly.
The girls' table. Kimberly, Connie, and Sarah.~
 ~The boys' table. (I ran out of time to make their table fancy.) ={~
~Our table.  L to R: Heather, Pammy, Pastor Aaron, Phillip, Mary, "Aunt" Jolie, and Solomon.~
We had a very nice visit together! They seemed to enjoy their time and we surely did.
I quickly cleaned up and tried to get to bed...for the next day we had a double birthday party to get ready for.  =)
(Which we had already planned and invited guests to...before we knew about our TEA PARTY!  =)
Pics of our birthday party coming soon.


Connie Snodgrass said...

Wow! That makes me want to do a tea party! Everything turned out so beautiful!

Jana said...

What a very pretty table!!! You had me in a whirlwind-- even thousands of miles away!! :-) Looked like a great time!!! :-)

Nicki said...

I'm so glad it is bed time; you make me tired with all your hard "quick" work. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Very fun tea party! And the cups are the way I like them, very simple and beautiful! You can now use them with any color napkins & table center piece! Homeschooling is home-ec class on those days when you have company!!! It's so nice to have girls to teach how to cook, Jubilee loves cooking!!! I'm getting sleepy so best let you go:( Love & Prayers, Hannah Klunder

Sherry L Dickinson said...

You guys had enough food there to feed the five thousand! Well, maybe not that many but you certainly had enough food!
One surprising thing about your ministry in Buenos Aires is the nationality of the people that Jesus has chosen for you to minister to. And, a nice thing is that hospitality is welcomed everywhere. Bless your dear hearts for working so hard to be hospitable for Jesus and his kingdom. Love, Mom D

lila said...

What a dear husband you have and with good taste. Not too many women could send their honey's out to pick out dishes. He made a great choice. The table is adorable and the food looks sooooo yummy!! Glad you had a wonderful visit. You are the best. love you tons

Dorcas said...

What a beautiful Tea Party!! Everything looks so good ~ so many varieties!! I'd like to be invited to your house for tea :o)

~Carla~ said...

You wear me out lol!! You are an amazing woman! LOVED your tea party, my Kelsie would be jealous....she adores tea parties lol!! Thanks for sharing the pics, Carla

Emily said...

Happy Birthday to Kimberly and Noah tomorrow!! Can't wait to see the pictures from the party :)
I'm so glad God is helping you all there in Argentina. God bless you!
~Emily A.

Rob and Deanna said...

So fun, Heather! Love the cups and saucers Phillip chose. Perfect to be able to use with anything. Food looks Delish!!

Daryl Hausman said...

Love the Tea Party!!! And the food looks DELICIOUS! =)

mmsbryan said...

Your tea party looked wonderful, food table host, hostes and guests alike! You would have had more comments but you rush put us all down for a NAP!!!!!!! Surely you are given to hospitality and God is blessing. I Love you, Moma

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Tea Party!!! You are SO CREATIVE!!! Enjoyed the pictures! Tell Noah & Kimberly I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY...tomorrow!

Daryl Hausman said...

On your blog below this post in your "you might like these" bar... was a pic linking me to another "High Tea" which brought back a zillion memories of another "high tea" just as fun,& crazy another life-time ago!
Lots of Laughs! Love ya, Laura

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