Friday, January 13, 2012

~Kimberly and Noah's fun birthday supper~

Thank you for all your sweet birthday wishes!!
We planned Kimberly and Noah's birthday supper earlier in the week so that Uncle Charlie and Aunt Jolie could come.  As you recall we had had a "high tea" party the day we were RUNNING to get everything done for this birthday party.  Jesus helped us and we had a very nice evening together.  (But the next day I was so weary that I stayed in my gown and took a long nap. =)
~Since we were going to make a cake for Noah, Kimberly wanted a Bumbleberry pie.  She ended up making 2.  (Sarah did the lattice top on the pie on the right. =)  The pies were delicious.  (I linked to the recipe for a Bumbleberry pie in case you want to try it...for FUN FOOD FRIDAY! =)~
~Kimberly planned and set up her table.  I thought it turned out really cute.  She had "finished the table" and moved on to finish Noah's cake.  I was taking pictures when I realized that she had forgotten the glasses.  So, out of habit I went and got the goblets and put them on...and took pics of the table...then later realized that we had purchased other red cups to use.  So, the 3rd picture of the table is the "finished look".~
~I thought her idea for the newspaper runner was clever.  And I liked the ribbon tied around the plate and silverware.  The 2 napkins were fun too.=)~
~Kimberly did a great job making a pretty table!~
~We were RACING the whole day to get everything done.  One time consuming thing was that we didn't have any cake pans.  So, we had to bake 4 layers of cakes in our 2 pie plates, then pop out the cakes and start on the pies.
Right before U. Charlie and A. Jolie walked in the door I found the bag of balloons that we had forgotten to blow up for Noah's table. =(  I felt sooo badly for him.  So, when U. Charlie got there I asked Noah to ask U. Charlie to help him blow up 4 or so balloons for his table. =) Nothing like putting your company to work. ;-)  U. Charlie and A. Jolie are sooo GOOD with kids... Our kids LOVE them!~ 
~Noah's Lightening McQueen table~
~Noah's Lightening McQueen #8 Race track Cake that Kimberly made (With a little behind the scenes help. =)  We RAN OUT OF TIME to put the white lines on the race track...for when they rang our door bell, Kimberly and I dashed to change clothes and she to fix her hair. =)
~Noah and Elijah's table.  (U. Charlie and A. Jolie got Noah this little t-shirt that says "Argentina" on he asked if he could change into it for the evening.  It was HOT in our house due to one AC not working, it being near 100 degrees outside and all of our baking.)
A. Jolie made and brought this yummy fruit salad. =)~
~Noah and his table/cake.~
~Kimberly and Noah with his cake and her pie (which we served with ice cream.)~
~They each had a neat "firework candle" that we brought from Colombia. (But we've found them here in Argentina as well.)~
~So fun~
~Kimberly's menu request was simply "Skyline!"   We wouldn't have had time to make any other more complicated menu. =)~
~Our kids Love A. Jolie and her fun phone. =)~
~U. Charlie told us a touching story of how his parents came to know Christ through an accident that he had when he was younger!!  His parents are the ones who started the Chinese church here!~
 We had a very special evening! We took the kids out for a fun evening tonight.  I'll post pics later.  Kimberly and Noah have had a good "birthday week!" =)


Daryl Hausman said...

Great Job on the pies and cake!!! And Kimberly, your table looked SO pretty!
Hope you have a great Birthday "week"!

lila said...

So impressed with Kimberly's table!! It is beautiful!!!! Wow, you all really know how to celebrate and have a great time wherever you are. I'm so grateful Jesus has sent you to show His love to many. Love all the pics. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Looks like ya'll had fun!!! Kimberly, you did a great job on the racetrack cake and lattice work!(and Sarah too!)The table setting was so pretty, and there's nothing better than Skyline! Love ya,

~Carla~ said...

Looks like Kimberly is taking after her momma :) What a beautiful table! It looks like alot of fun! Glad everyone has had a good week... ~Carla!

Dorcas said...

Everything was so nice!! I loved Kimberly's idea for the newspaper runner. Very clever!! The cake and pies looked yummy. So glad they've had a wonderful several days.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

In one picture, I see U Charlie and A Jolie looking so relaxed at your table. And, in the picture where the kids are looking at A Jolie's phone, I see a happy A Jolie. It looks as if that couple feels at home with your family, and looks as if they feel loved by you all.
What a pretty birthday supper this turned out to be with the red and grey colors on the table. And, it makes me so happy to see Kimberly and Sarah learning how to do so many things in their 'Home Ec' class. I wish all mothers and daughters would do things like this together. It's so nice to see you helping your girls learn to do these things that make a home special. There are so many selfish mothers who don't want to take time to make home special for their families, nor do they take the time to help their girls learn all these special touches for when the daughters have their own homes. It's so good that you are working together to get things done.
Yes, uh-huh, I need to work together with myself, to get something done in this poor ol' house of mine. It needs some united workers to try to get it back in shape!
I must close...I'm getting tired and tomorrow's Sunday.
Happy Birthday to our Kimberly and to our Noah Evan! We love you two!
Grandpa and Grandma D

RicKaren said...

Looks like a very fun birthday party! Love the newspaper runner~may have to steal some version of that someday!

Rob and Deanna said...

Love the table, Kimberly, and your newspaper runner is so "Mod!" ;-) What did you use for the cars on their cake? Love the "block" look on the side.

The Dickinsons said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments!

Dee, the cars on Noah's race car cake are just stickers glued to styrofoam and then you slide a toothpick into that styrofoam to put them on the cake. We found them in Colombia and brought them with us for Noah's cake. =)


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