Thursday, February 2, 2012

~Part 2 of our fun trip to Tigre~

Here's the 2nd part of our FUN day that "Uncle" Charlie and "Aunt" Jolie planned for our family.   (On the way to Tigre I gave Aunt Jolie one of my FOUR Taste Of Home magazines.  Since I had four I wanted to share one with her, since she can read English.  =)
It was fun to see more of Argentina since we only have about 34 days left here, (until we go back to Colombia for a few months, then return here again, Lord willing) and most things tourist see here, we haven't seen.
~While we were in our boat ride we passed lots of these sculling clubs, most of them dating back to the 1800's.~
~Here are some older men sculling.~
~This was a pretty art museum that we passed.~
~Elijah enjoying the passing scenery while enjoying his boat ride.~
~This was the old Ship "junk yard."  The one on the right reminded me of "Scuffy the Tugboat" in the Little Golden Books series. =)~
~Kimberly and Mary enjoying the boat ride.~
~U. Charlie took this pic of Mary.  Love those blue eyes and smile.~
~Our boat captain with Elijah, Sarah, and Noah.~
~U. Charlie took this picture of us.~
~We grabbed someone to take this picture of all of us right before we got off our FUN boat ANSWER TO LITTLE ELIJAH'S PRAYERS! =)~
~Little Mary got off of the boat EXHAUSTED! =)  Then they took us to that "Fruit" market that we had been told to go to in Tigre.  They told us that they are not sure why it's called Fruit market, for there's not any's more like a "Flea market". =)  I failed to get pictures of the market, but we did buy a couple souvenirs which I'll show you later.~
~Then...we left Tigre and they took us to their favorite ice cream shop!  It was probably the best ice cream we have ever tasted.  Delicious!~
~We pray that Jesus will RICHLY BLESS "Uncle" Charlie and "Aunt" Jolie for their KINDNESS to our family!  They are such DEARS!~
~They bought 1/4 kilo for 2 people to share and we each chose our flavor for our half.  =)  This is Noah and Elijah sharing their ice cream.~
~U. Charlie, and A. Jolie, and Phillip, Mary, and I ENJOYING our ice cream.  What a TREAT!~
~Here's the outside of the FUN ice cream shop.  I think it's over 50 years old.   The men who worked there wore red stripped shirts and red bow ties. (There's one in the very edge of this picture to your right!)~
~Mary "wearing" my sunglasses.~
~Then at 8:00 P.M. U. Charlie and A. Jolie took us to eat a Chinese dinner!  DELISH!!!!  This restaurant doesn't open until 8:00 P.M.!  (Buenos Aires is known for being "the city that never sleeps!"  They normally have TEA around 2-5 in the afternoon, and then dinner at 8:00 P.M. or so.  The restaurants start serving dinner around 7:30-8:00 here!  The couple that own this restaurant attend the Chinese church that we attend.~
~On Sunday Phillip snapped this pic of A. Jolie (L), Me, and Clara (R) the restaurant owner's wife.~
It was such a SPECIAL day with U. Charlie and A. Jolie and we feel strongly that God has let our lives cross. In many ways they have been/are like FAMILY to us here, helping us not to be SO lonely!  Please pray for them and the church here as God brings them to your mind.


Dorcas said...

It looks like you made some wonderful friends there in Argentina! So enjoyed your boat trip. Very fun!!

lila said...

It is beautiful there! That is really something, all those businesses built around the water. So glad you all had such a fun time and what sweet friends you have there. Love all the pics. Praying for all those your life is touching. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Enjoyed these two posts very much! So glad for the special day ya'll had and the special friends Jesus has sent into your lives! Love ya,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Now that's what you call a very full day! And, I so enjoyed seeing and reading all about your trip to Tigre. And how kind of Charlie and Jolie to reciprocate your hospitality to them!
The picture of Noah and Elijah at the table with their bowl of ice cream between them just about dropped me to the floor with laughter. You can see by the look on Elijah's face that he is telling you that Noah won't share, nor give him the bowl of ice cream. It's obvious he wants you to take the ice cream from Noah and place the bowl in HIS hands before he'll be able to be happy. LOL!
Little Mary's face with its slightly pink complextion lets us know the weather is rather warm that day.
I like Sarah's hair style here, and her braid is so thick!
It's hard to believe there are only 30 more days until home to Colombia! WOW!
With love to each of you! Mom D

Denise said...

So beautiful! Benji and I agree...when he's all done with surgeries, we want to visit Argentina!
Do you know Rev. Don Staley from Indianapolis? Well, I have known him since I was a little girl and every time I see pictures of "Uncle Charlie", I think of and pray for Bro. Staley! They look so much alike! Bro. Staley had a stroke a few years ago and didn't fare so well; but, I can still hear his holy laugh when he would get blessed. He was such a godly man!
I trust you all have a lovely day there in Argentina. We are enjoying spring in February here in Ohio! Praying for and love you all!
Aunt Nesi

~Carla~ said...

What a FULL, FUN day!! I love all the pics. Thanks so much for sharing!! ~Carla~

laurie said...

Thanks for sharing. I've enjoyed seeing Argentina through your eyes!

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