Wednesday, January 4, 2012

~We appreciate your prayers!~

This trip into Argentina was to "scout out the land" and try to get to know the culture, and begin working for Jesus where He opens doors.  Phillip and I were talking about our lives as Christians being like puzzle pieces.  Sometimes we feel like we've been handed a bunch of DARK pieces that make no sense.  Thankfully we have a Great Big Heavenly Father who puts the puzzles of our lives together as we walk in His will...making a beautiful picture in the end.
We've been asked if we would consider holding church services in Spanish in a local Chinese Church here in Argentina. After praying, talking to our mission, and giving our consent, we are awaiting the answer from their church board.
Please pray for God's will to be worked out in this.
We had a Happy New Year!  On Sunday morning we attended an Argentine Christian church nearby.  We came home and ate Sunday dinner ... then at 4:00 we attended the Chinese church (for they didn't have a morning service on New Year's.) 
~Here's some pics of our New Year's table.  Grammy got me these fun place cards with snowflakes.  When I saw their silver, white and blue colors, I knew I wanted to use those colors for our table. =)~
~Our table.  (We drank a flavored sparkling water.)~

~Our dinner was a yummy pork roast, garlic m. potatoes, broccoli with cheese, sliced tomatoes for our "salad", my rolls and jelly, and since we were full and wanted to catch a quick nap before heading to our evening service (at 4:00)...we had our dessert later in the evening.~
~After the evening service at the Chinese church in our neighborhood, we invited "Uncle" Charlie, "Aunt" Jolie, and another family who has 2 children (6 and 8) over for a snack.~
~We had a nice evening together and enjoyed visiting with them.~
We appreciate your prayers as we try to show Holiness and brighten the corner where God has placed us.



Anonymous said...

You don't know me, and I don't know you except by your blog. I thorougly enjoy following your life! I am a missionary in Taiwan; it is so interesting that you first found Chinese friends in Argentina! I think your opportunity to teach Spanish to the Chinese church people is a great opportunity; Chinese people greatly respect teachers. You will win their hearts.
My husband and I sort of know your sister, Laura, and husband as we followed them at Friendsville Christian Academy. We might have mutual friends in Quesenberrys!
Melissa Manners

The Dickinsons said...

Thank you, Melissa, for your nice comment, it was nice hearing from you.
I'm sorry...I think what I wrote was a tad confusing, so I went and changed the wording on my blog post. My husband has been asked to preach services in Spanish at the Chinese church. =)


Anonymous said...

Oh, maybe I read it wrong! It is possible! Any ministry you can have among the Chinese will be rewarding! I have a lady in our church who used to live in Argentina and has a sister who still lives there. It is a small world. Melissa

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
We will be praying...God is good and faithful to work things out in his time!!! You know this, but sometimes we and "I " need to hear this again! I LOVE your new years table! Very elegant!!!! Do you all speak Spanish to the Chinese? If so its pretty interesting that you both are in a foreign land speaking a foreign launguage! Love, Hannah Klunder

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog. We have definitely felt the prayers of God's people. Thank you for praying for us. Our daughters death is something we will never get over completely, but God has given us the strength and grace we need to help us through the dark times.

I love your New Years table setting. It is so pretty.


lila said...

God truly works in mysterious ways His Wonders to perform! I know you are a bright light everywhere you go! I am excited some puzzle pieces are starting to come together there!!! Your table is beautiful. Love your posts. Thanking God for internet! love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

Dear Heather,
Your family is constantly in our prayers! May you feel Jesus close today! Much Love, Laura

mmsbryan said...

God must smile as He watches us struggle with the puzzels of life and love it when we come to Him for His Help! Who would ever have thought that God would have directed you to find Chinese friends in Argentina! May God direct the church and Phillip in His Plan. Your table was so elegant. God is using you to delight the hearts of your family with a "touch of home" whereever your Hubby serves. "Her children arise up, and call her blessed, her husband also, and he praiseth her."
I love you, my little girl, Moma

~Carla~ said...

Oh my goodness Heather, sigh, your tables always look soo gorgeous. I have never EVER tried any creativity with my tables. You,however, have challenged me to try some of your ideas this coming year. Thanks for sharing :)

I'm so excited about your church opportunity. WOW! It'll be so neat to see how God continues to lead your family. ~Carla~

Carl M. Eisenhart said...

Heather, your table is so pretty!!! Love all the pictures !! So glad you have been able to meet new freinds . We are praying for you all!!! Love Grammy

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