Monday, January 16, 2012

~Our Starbucks treat!~

~Our first full day in Argentina as we were walking around downtown, our eyes spotted THIS...!~
~Kimberly said, "Oh, Mommy!  There's a STARBUCKS!!!  Can we please go there for my birthday in January?"  I told her that Lord willing we would try to make that happen.  So, on their birthday, we ate supper at home then we boarded a bus and went downtown.  Here's Kimberly and Mary on the bus.~
~Noah, Elijah, and Sarah on the bus.~
~Then Phillip took Noah and Elijah to McDonalds got them a sundae and let them play while He worked on mission business.~
~And my 3 sweet girls and I went to Starbucks.  (A treat that we haven't had since before I had Mary!)~
~How fun!~
~The birthday girl and Sarah.~
~Kimberly, Mary, and Sarah.  We had a nice time sipping "Happiness in a cup." ;-)~
~On the way back to meet Phillip and the boys we saw this man who is supposed to be dressed up like a "Argentine Cowboy".  He is acting like he is pouring hot water in the Mate cup (Argentine Herb drink) that Sarah is holding.  He dresses up for people to take his picture...thus making a little money.  This is very common both in Colombia and here.~
We had a delightful evening being together.  It's hard to believe that my Kimberly is 14.  I'm trying to enjoy every minute with our 5 blessings (children) for it seems that before we know it they could be out on their own.   Recently I've been telling Elijah a lot of stories.  2 of his favorites are The 3 Little Pigs and the 3 Bears!  As the Mommy of the "3 little pigs" warned them...we are trying to teach our children that there is a BIG BAD wolf DEVIL out there that would love to get them too busy for God, or sidetrack them to follow the world!  May God help us as we try to teach them HIS WAYS!


lila said...

So glad you got to take Kimberly to Starbucks! Wish Grandma Sherry could have gone with you. I am so thrilled you all get to do so many nice and fun things. Your children are so blessed to have such Godly parents. I trust and pray they follow your footsteps. love you tons

~Carla~ said...

Oh Looks so fun!!! Thanks for sharing all the great pics! ~Carla~

Daryl Hausman said...

How sweet! Glad Jesus gives us these treats along life's way to help our hearts and plants seeds of Righteous Holy living too! We love you MUCH! Love, Laura

Janie said...

How fun! Me & my girls love starbucks too. And Im sure your boys enjoyed their sundaes!

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