Monday, January 30, 2012

~FUN FOOD FRIDAY...Grandmother's Chicken-N-Dumplings~

Sorry this is late...I had no internet over the weekend.
(This post is to show my Grandmother and my Moma a picture of my dumplings, but y'all are welcome to read over their shoulders.  =)
Dear GG, I made your Chicken and Dumplings and here is a picture of them.  I'm curious if yours have less broth than mine do?  (I wanted to make sure I had enough broth so that my dumplings didn't stick together.) Anyways, they turned out delicious and we all loved them!  Thanks for sharing your recipe. =)
(Mrs.Carol Clapper, can you PLEASE show GG this post using your phone?  Thanks!!  =)
Background story:  Not too long ago Phillip told me he was wanting some Chicken and Dumplings.  I searched online for a recipe but wasn't happy with what I found.  So, I said to Phillip, "Tomorrow, I'll call Moma and ask her how Grandmother makes her Chicken and Dumplings."  Phillip said, "Why not just call GG herself?"  So, I did.  I called my sweet Grandmother in Tennessee and we had a delightful chat. She told me that she really didn't have a recipe, but could try to tell me what she does.  So, here's what she told me and here's what I did.
~Grandmother's Southern Chicken and Dumplings~
Cook a chicken on top of the stove like you would normally, making sure you have plenty of broth to drop your dumplings in.  When chicken is cooked, tear it up in small pieces and add back to your broth.  When you have dumplings ready, heat broth back up to rolling boil.  (You could cook your chicken the day before if you wanted to and refrigerate it overnight.)
2 cups self-rising flour (or add 1 tsp. salt and 2 tsp. baking powder to 2 cups of flour.)
An "egg sized" amount of shortening. (I LOVE this measurement...TOO CUTE!! =)
Cut shortening into flour as you would for pie dough or biscuits.
Then slowly add and stir in some cooled Chicken broth.  (I ended up using about a cup.)
Mix together and roll out onto floured board about 1/4" thick.  Cut strips (With pizza cutter) and then you can cut into 1" pieces with pizza cutter, or pick up each strip and tear them into pieces.
Drop pieces of dumplings into BOILING Chicken broth.  Cover with lid and let boil (High enough to boil, but LOW enough to not boil over) for about 20 mins.  At the end of 20 mins. you can cut a dumpling in half to see if it's done.
I hope that if you try this, that they turn out great.  My family Loved them!
And as always...Enjoy!


Linda S said...

Nothing better than Grandmother's chicken and dumplings.....except maybe yours. :) :) Glad you learned her way of doing them for it is a great family tradition to hand down to your girls.

Kimberly said...

sounds good:) so sweet that your GG gave you directions!:)

sorry to hear that your Grandma Bryan is struggling...prayers.

lila said...

Sounds and looks yummy!! love you tons

mmsbryan said...

You are a brave little girl; I know lots of cooks that would not venture such a feat. It took me years to get that brave, so that I was pleasantly surprised when your brother’s wife, Vonnie made them early in their marriage with real success! Just must run in the family! The extra broth is how a neighbor made them in South Dakota and it was delicious. Your dish looked delicious and made me hungry. Love, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Yours look yummy and I'm one of those "not-too-brave" folks that has never made them. "Confessions are good for the soul", they say!=) Loved, L.O.V.E.D that recipe... I'll add it to my recipes for KEEPSAKES that's for sure! Love ya lots, now off to violin lessons!

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