Sunday, January 8, 2012

~We went on a train ride~

~The week after Christmas we were pretty lonely and missing family and friends.  (Our closest friends from the Chinese church were out of town.)  So, we decided to do something fun to help our hearts!
Like I mentioned earlier there are 6 different trains that run daily here in Buenos Aires.  Our kids have been really WANTING to ride a train.  So, one evening we told them to get ready that we had a surprise for them...we were going somewhere fun.  Here is Mary...ready to go out the door. =)~

~When our kids were all ready and we were outside we told them that we were going to ride a TrAin!!!  THEY WERE H.A.P.P.Y.    =)
We stopped by and got some fun snacks to eat and here we are buying our train tickets.  It cost around $3.00 for all 7 of us to ride the train both ways! =)~
~Waiting for our train to come.~
~This train past us as we were waiting.~
~My sweetheart and I.   It was a nice windy evening. (U. Charlie and A. Jolie got me my fun purple purse. =) ~
~Sarah and Noah on the train.~
~Phillip, Elijah, Kimberly, Mary, and I on the train.  We bought tickets and just relaxed and rode the train as far as it would go both ways.  It was a fun evening seeing more of the city that way...and enjoying the train and each other.~
~We passed this fun bridge.~
~Elijah really enjoyed his first train ride.~
~This is Noah's 2nd train ride...but he was only 2 so doesn't remember when we rode the train in Costa Rica.~


~Carla~ said...

OH!! My kids would be so jealous! That looks like a ton of fun!!! So glad you got to enjoy the day together :) ~Carla~

lila said...

We love train rides. We took one in Clarkdale when we lived in Cottonwood. We really enjoyed it. The kids look like they are really having a great time. So glad you get to do fun things with them. love you all tons

Brenda said...

The train ride looks so fun. And I loved that first picture of Mary - soooo cute!!

mmsbryan said...

What a neat thing that you could do to help fight your loneliness. I loved seeing the excitment on the kids faces and felt I was riding along. You are wise parents to take the time for your children as they make the sacrifice with you to leave family and friends back home. We are praying that God will use you in the place of His choosing. Now, I don't know how you are going to do it but you need to take Gramp and I on a train ride for we are lonely to see you! :-) Love, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

LOVE the pictures!! We loved riding on the trains in memories!
Love the pictures of Mary with her lil' pigtails!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your posts and seeing your pictures! You have a beautiful family, and it's so neat to see you all working for Jesus in Argentina! I know your Mom and Dad so it's fun getting to "keep up" with their beautiful family!

Debbie (Stalker) Fike

Daryl Hausman said...

Sweet Post and I'm glad that Jesus used that train ride to help your hearts! Love ya much, Laura

Brittany said...

OH wow - my little guys would be so jealous! They've begged to go on a train ride, but the closest we've come to it is the train at the zoo ;) It's just not quite the same! Looks like a fun time!

Laura said...

Still reading and enjoying your blog. Sometimes I can't get to it for awhile, but thankfully, my GoogleReader keeps them all handy. This post was so sweet. We pray for you all often.

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