Monday, January 23, 2012

~Special prayer needed~

Thank you to each of you ladies for your sweet comments on my last post "On Being a Wife and Mommy". To me, life isn't about comparing one another, or competition, it's about CHEERING each other on in our walk with the Lord and sharing fun and creative ideas to help our "jobs" as keepers of our homes more delightful!  =)
~On Sunday at the Chinese church we attend we met this tiny newborn baby boy.  I believe his name is Fabricio.  We were SHOCKED to find out that he has heart trouble and has to have HEART SURGERY in February!!!!!!!!  I Cannot imagine being his Mommy and having my baby face that kind of surgery!  They asked Phillip if he would be willing to donate blood to help this little guy!  Phillip got tears in his eyes and said that it would be an HONOR to help him.  So, will y'all join me in praying for this PRECIOUS little baby?!  THANK YOU, I KNEW I could count on y'all!  =)~
~Each Sunday at the Chinese church after the morning service they serve a delicious Chinese meal to all who attended service.  So, each week we get the privilege of eating yummy Chinese food! =)   This past Sunday this older lady below fell in love with Mary and was feeding her.  After service I had changed her into an old stained t-shirt for I figured she'd get dirty crawling/walking around and eating.  It's a good thing, for the front of her was COVERED when this precious lady got done feeding her. =)  This lady came up to U. Charlie, Kimberly and I and was telling us something about Mary in a big way, talking very FAST!
U. Charlie started laughing so I asked him, "What did she say?"  to which he replied, "I have NO CLUE for she speaks a different dialect than I do!" =}~
~This is Sarah and her new good friend Valentina.  There's several years difference between them, but they get along great!~
We are still waiting for an answer from the Chinese church about Phillip holding services. We are going to take their answer as God's will.  Another church has asked if he would be willing to preach to them if it works out.  Please pray for us as we try to be shining lights wherever God places us!


Daryl Hausman said...

Oh, Heather how sad! We'll be praying MUCH for them! Bless ya'll's hearts as you minister for Jesus there... EVEN A CUP OF COLD WATER in His name...!
Love ya much,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Poor lil' Mary, she gets lots of love whether she wants it or not! Smile.
Thank you for this interesting post, Heather.
Love, Mom D
PS - I LOVE Sarah!

lila said...

So happy for your new found friends! Will be praying for that family and you all as you shine for Jesus wherever you are. love you tons

~Carla~ said...

So excited about your ministry and how God is using you in unique ways!! We will be praying for the lil baby boy. How precious he is! Love, Carla

mmsbryan said...

I cannot imagine the hurting heart of this baby's Mommy. Please keep us posted. We will pray for baby and family as well. Poor Mary I am sure she is wondering what her new friend and feeder is saying also. Just a day in the life of a MK and I am sure they are the better for it, it is just the Gram's that wonder! :-) We have a white world with no snow in the forecast. Love, Moma

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