Friday, January 20, 2012

~Fun Food Friday...Sour Cream Scones~

A BIG Thank you to each of you for the SWEET comments you left me (and I even got some emails too!!)  Y'all are the B.E.S.T!!!  =)

I found this easy yummy recipe for sour cream scones here!

This is what she had to say about them.
"Scones, at least for me, were always a vehicle for butter and sticky, fruity jam! And not all scones are the same, either.

As a young girl at a Scottish boarding school, scones became my most coveted tea time treat. They were not at all like the light, flaky, little bundles of deliciousness served today. They were more of a dense, dry biscuit... and a vehicle to eat butter and jam!

I like these Sour Cream Scones because they are very basic, yet so light and yummy... and a great vehicle for butter and jam."  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~I have made these 2 or 3 times now and we really enjoyed them!  They are just perfect to go with that little spot of tea. ~Heather~
 ~My sweetheart Phillip got me this fun tea pot back in the fall.  It has made us MANY cups of yummy tea! =) ~
~Here are the same sour cream scones cut into snowmen.  I hope you'll hop over to her blog and get the recipe.~


Rob and Deanna said...

Great minds think a like. I have been craving a recipe that was given to us when we lived in the Bahamas by a man that visited us from Scotland. So these are "authentic" Scottish scones.

2 mugs of flour
1/3 mug of sugar (little more than)
1 tsp. salt
pinch of salt
2 tsp. baking powder
2 walnut-sized dabs of butter or marg.
1 mug of milk

I mix the dry first, then add butter and milk.
Don't add all milk right away to make sure it doesn't get too sticky.
It is a very pliable dough that I just use my hands to press the dough into a large rectangle about 1/4" thick, then just cut into the size of squares you want or you can use cookie cutters.
Use plenty of flour on your board when pressing out.

Fry on griddle that is lightly oiled on low heat, because you want to get the centers done. I like mine "doughy", but if you don't, you might want to make them thinner or fry longer on lower heat.

These are so EASY, Kiana can make them and likes to make them for a quick breakfast. We love them with butter and apple butter or Frozen strawberry jam.

Sharonda said...

I enjoy cooking too, but lack the time to make many new creations since I am presently going to G.B.S. online. The pictures of your food always look so scrumptious and appealing. Your family must certainly enjoy it!

By the way, I wrote you a little note following your comment on my blog regarding my brother.

Hope you are having a wonderful day serving Jesus!

Brittany said...

Mmmm...looks so good - I'm gonna have to try those!

Daryl Hausman said...

Can't wait to try these! Love ya, Laura

lila said...

The scones sound yummy!! Love your tea pot. It is so cute!

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