Monday, March 28, 2011

~Thank you for praying for Natasha....~

God REALLY helped...but she has a lot of painful healing to do.
Here are 3 updates from my sister's blog.
1. Praise the Lord for his help so far. Natasha's in recovery and will soon be moved to her room. She's been in a lot of pain,but doing well. Everyone involved in the surgery has commented on how well she has done in surgery. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her, but we thank the Lord for his help so far.
2. Thank the Lord to his help so far! The doctor was pleased with how the surgery went. However, since they had to do so much correction and straightening, he has prescribed a brace for her to where for six weeks.Thank you for your prayers! We ask that you continue to pray for Natasha that the Lord will heal her completely. WE serve an awesome God!
3. Wow! What a day! I am emotionally exhausted and didn't have anything done to me. Natasha is in her room and resting as well as possible. Thank you for your prayers and the comments as well, they mean a lot and we've passed many along to Natasha and she has been touched by them. Many times we don't see the results of God moving, we pray but never see the end result. May I encourage you tonight that our God is awesome and has answered your prayers. Yes, Natasha has a LONG way to go - approx. 2 months of recovery and 6 weeks in a brace but we serve an awesome God. We sensed your prayers! Yes, it's been tough on mom and dad but a deep peace has been there and that only comes from God. All of the Drs., technicians, and nurses who were in the surgery and that we talked too commented on how well Natasha did and how everything went well. Chance? Luck? Hardly! Not when you are a child of God and His children are praying. Thank you to our Russian, Romanian, Colombian, Canadian, "who knows what other countrian," and our dear fellow Americans who have been bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. You are our brothers and sisters in Christ. We love you! Continue to pray that God gives Natasha complete healing and mom and dad the strength needed to help Natasha be strong. We will try to keep posting just to keep you updated. For more updates go to their blog.


lila said...

Thanks Heather for the update. Have been wondering how it went. Thank the Lord all went well. Will continue to pray for the family. love you tons

Phxchick4Jesus said...

I second that, thank you for the updates.. Will keep praying!!

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