Friday, March 25, 2011

~Mary's sick, and birthday pics.~

Please pray for our tiny Baby Mary...she has the flu. =(
~Our nice Noah turned 7 back in January, but I just now got to take his birthday pictures. The pastor and wife of our church in Medellin make and sell clothes, and they made Noah's shirt. =)~

~Our Sweet Sarah turned 10 in December...and here's her "birthday pictures."~

Lord willing, I'll take Kimberly's and Elijah's pics soon too.
~I have had a hectic day today. I had no way of knowing that Mary was coming down with the flu, just knew that I couldn't get a thing done but hold babies. =) Phillip had to go and take care of some business, and so while he was gone, I decided to make an apple pie to surprise him. I almost had the pie in the oven when Mary got sick. =( We called Phillip to tell him about sweet baby Mary being sick, and when he came home he brought me these roses. He had wanted to get me some flowers, and found these for ONLY $1.50!!! Not bad for 13 roses! =) (Phillip said there was a dozen for me and one for sick baby Mary. =)
Cheap beautiful flowers are one of the perks of living in Colombia! =D
(We also got our first piece of USA mail at our new home today. =)~


Beth said...

So sorry Baby Mary is sick:( Give her lots of kisses from her aunt. We love you all.
You did a good job on the pictures of the kids.

Love You

Daryl Hausman said...

That's sad that Mary is sick with the flu! We'll be praying that she gets better.
Loved the pictures of the house, and of everyone.

lila said...

Hope sweet baby Mary is soon well. Poor baby girl. Love how you have been blogging a lot. I love your posts. You do a great job on the pics and everything. Love you tons Keep it coming :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry our baby is ill. Sounds like you know what to do for her. I love the pictures of the Noah and Sarah. They both are sweethearts! But I noticed that "for some reason Noah is losing his teeth," better check his diet and see if something is missing. ;-) The photography looks professional. Noah's shirt is really nice, the pastor and wife do a good job. I love you all, Moma

Kira said...

Praying for precious baby Mary Grace !

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