Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~A Serious Prayer Request~

I have copied this from my sister's blog. Please READ and PRAY!!! Thank you!!

We would like to request your prayers for our daughter, Natasha. This past summer, she was diagnosed with Kyphosis, or humpback, a genetic deformity. We have been very concerned about her back needs and have been trying to get help through physical therapy for 3 years now, but to no avail. The Lord totally opened the door for us to get in to see a spine specialist here in Cincinnati. Natasha is scheduled to have spinal surgery on March 28th, Lord willing.

They will be inserting rods in her back with a procedure known as bone-fusion. This is a very BIG deal. Totally out of our hands, but we serve a faithful God who has had Natasha in the palm of his hand for years now. And though this is tough for her to have to face, it is no surprise to God, the great physician; we would covet your prayers in her behalf. The surgery they are telling us will take up to 7 hrs total. We are SO thankful for the experienced Dr. that the Lord has provided. In the words of Natasha’s Dr., “I do the surgery, but God does the healing.”


Daryl Hausman

~Natasha is the one on the right as you look at this picture.~

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a request for prayer for our Natasha. All this looks too big to our family right now but God is big enough. I have found comfort in God's Word as my Gram heart has carried this to the Throne these past months. The Lord willing we will be with Natasha and her Daddy and Mommy at this hard time. It was a part of the weekend that we celebrated our 25th anniversary that Daddy and I sang to the four of you, "We'll Be There." We could not know "where" we would be standing, but God has given the strength. We lean on Him again. Love, Moma

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