Monday, March 21, 2011

~Finally some pics of the inside of our new home.~

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my last post. Your comments were encouraging, edifying, and challenging. I was thrilled to read every one. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~My Moma said to be sure and include pics of our kids...when I posted pics of our here's one for you, Moma. =)
When Phillip came back from Medellin, he brought this little jean dress that the pastor's wife there made for Mary.~
~If you know anything about Latin American people they LOVE color!! They love all kinds of beautiful colors. In their dress, their homes, their flowers, etc. So, you'll see lots of color in our home here. =) (It's fun getting to decorate with antiques and Victorian style in our USA home... and having a completely different style here in Colombia. Who KNOWS what we will find to use in our home in Argetina. =D)
So, that being said, we'll step into our Master Bedroom for a peak. (I love how the colors in our family pic go so well with our bedspread.)~
~You'll have to excuse our white plastic chair. We are slowly but surely replacing the furniture, bedspreads, matteresses, etc. that we had to throw out due to our mold issue. Every time I sit in that chair (which is often with a baby), I dream of one day getting a more comfortable one. =)~
~Phillip's night stand.~
~My night stand.
My sweet parents send me Taste of Home and Better Homes and Gardens, and we all "fight" over each new issue that comes in the mail. You have no CLUE how exciting it is to see something in English and something from home. =)~
~Thankfully, the mold didn't ruin these curtains.~
~This is my little "Me Time" basket. It holds my Bible, Devotional books, and my diary/Answer to Prayer book. (Which, by the way, is all up to date now. =)

~And here is our little cozy haven by lamplight.~
More pics to come from our house here, and I haven't forgotten part 2 of our USA open house.


Daryl Hausman said...

I love the colors of your room. Your room looks so pretty.
Love you all,

lila said...

Lovely, lovely. So happy for you. love you tons

Rob and Deanna said...

Such a Cozy, "Fresh" Looking Room! Love the colors, of course, as you would know from my home.


Crystal Mason said...

So pretty, Heather!

Brittany said...

So pretty - LOVE the colors!!

Bryanna Shirk said...

I love the colors. So cute!!!! Thanks for giving me as "peak" :)

Anonymous said...

Heather, Heather how you could make such a pretty room with all you have been through, I don't know. Your colors are the ones that Daddy and I used in our first home. I really like the night stands. Regarding you "other" home I would wonder at the luxury of you having two homes if I did not know a bit of the "cost" you all have paid. But God is good and has helped you and your man to have the strength to make them both nice. That was so nice of the pastor's wife to make Mary a jumper. I noticed that she put the same scallop trim on it that I put on her curtain. By the way I keep forgetting to tell you that last week when Daddy and I had to go shopping at the Fashion Mall for the right shoe for my "fussy" feet (we could not find even one pair in the whole mall that fit) we saw your USA nursery on display in a store next door to Nordstorms! The whole window was a tiny nursery in pink and white and not one bit prettier than Little Mary's in her US home. Really it was so much the same that I could hardly believe what my eyes were seeing. You did good! I liked yours better for the things in that window were reproductions and yours were the real! Love, Moma

PS Just found that I had not sent the comment I prepared for this post. Still struggling with this Google cookie! Guess I don't know as much about "baking cookies" as I thought!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I LOVE your house! And especially your bedroom!
I'm now inspirered to clear out my bedroom some more, thanks!
We are praying for your niece. Wow, what alot to go though and so young!
And I love your kitchen, too!
Love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

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