Sunday, March 6, 2011

~"I wish our lives were more adventurous!"

Guess what? Today I was laying in our bed for a Sunday afternoon rest, and I looked up on our ceiling...and what do you think I saw? A wet spot on our ceiling right above our bed! =) I then saw some drips of water driping onto our bed. Talk about having "deja vu". =) It had just POURED the rain, and somehow had leaked in. Thankfully it was just a little bit. Unlike our last owner, our new owner told us to let him know if we saw any leaks that he wants to get them fixed right away, so as not to ruin his house. (Here nearly all houses are made out of concrete. Sometimes concrete can be hard to seal, thus the leaking roofs.) We plan to tell our landlord about it soon.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
One day...
after dividing our earthly possessions 6 ways (To sell or give away, to store in AZ, to store with my parents, to take on deputation, to take to Costa Rica, and to take to Colombia) then traveling on deputation for 8 months with 3 small children, spending a year studying Spanish in Costa Rica, then moving to Colombia (facing lots of danger because our churches were in the scary areas!!) and living with a Colombian lady for 2 months (during which our children got the chicken pox, had lice and were COVERED with flea bites) our Kimberly who was 6 years old said the following to me.
"Mommy, I wish our lives were MORE ADVENTUROUS like some people's!"
I was agast and asked, "Kimberly, WHO has a more adventurous life than we do?"
To which she replied, "Winnie the Pooh!" =D
I smiled and sighed and told her that I thought that if our life got any more adventurous, that I would just go on to Heaven. HA!


kira said...

Dont ya just love kids (smile) !

I pray your landlord will fix the roof quickly.

I pray you are all feeling better ? How are Mary and Elijah doing now ?

Have a blessed day Heather .

lila said...

Heather, I remember helping with all that sorting and packing and thinking how sad it was that you had to give up so much. But now I think of how much you have, and a lot you gave up, the people that you gave it to has given it back to you. That blesses my heart and then to think you have a house that's paid for to put it all in. God is awesome. Praying for you all dailey. love you tons

Daryl Hausman said...

yes... if only you had a more adventurous life!!!! You poor thing... live such predictable lives... NOT! :) Wonder how many times, Kimberly has "repented" for having that thought! :) KIDS are wonderful and they sure help us smile when we need it most, huh?! Love you lots and miss you too,
Laura and family

........... said...

HAHA...thanks for the smile! Oh my, I am glad the Lord knows just how much adventure we can handle (although sometimes if feels like He forgot our limits!!). We continue to pray for you guys. I am so sad to hear about your leaky roof, but am glad to hear that this landlord will hopefully be a little better at getting repairs done quickly. Thanks for all the pictures and updates, we enjoy them so much and it helps us to know how to pray! Love, Carla and family

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, you made me laugh when you said if you had any more adventures you'd just go on to Heaven. You poor thing! That's one thing you've not had-and that's a boring life!
"Jesus knows all about our struggles. He will guide 'til the day is done. There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus. No not one! No not one!"
I wish I could have had a mother like you are to your family. What a dolly of a lady you are! I think highly of you! Thank you for serving King Jesus!
With all my love,
Mom D

Janie said...

funny! love her perspective :)

Juwah said...

Well, it is hard to beat Pooh bear. How many of us can say we've gotten stuck in a rabbit hole because we ate too much honey. :)

mmsbryan said...

What would we ever have done without our Kimberly Anna! She has been a dear since I watched her trim and prepare strawberries for her Mommy's fruit plate when she was just two. Then when we were privileged to serve with you in Phoenix and she would come up for Grandma Bryan to read to her we will never forget her identifying with Anne of Green Gables! She returned home to report to you about the reading session and announced she thoroughly understood Anne when she said that she was in the depths of despair ! For she too had been in the depths of despair. AT AGE SIX! Grandma Bryan, at 103 and half, is still remembering and laughing about that day. We do love you, Little Girl! Gram

Bryanna Shirk said...

I hope your landlord gets the roof fixed soon!!!!
I don't think your life needs any more "adventures" No matter what Kimberly used to think :)!!!!!!!!!!

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