Wednesday, November 7, 2007

~Prayer Requests~

Thanks for all of the nice Birthday wishes!! I had a fun day. I'm still fighting nausea, but hoping and praying that I can kick this sickness before Thanksgiving time. I soooo want to make a nice dinner for my family and some of our friends if I can. However, I don't want to buy a turkey and make a huge meal, and then get SICK over the smell of everything and not be able to eat turkey and trimmings for years to come. =( Please help me pray that I can be over this nausea by then, if it's God's will. THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS! I'm trying to take good care of our precious baby whom we LOVE tons.
Please pray for some PRAYER REQUESTS of some NEEDY people around us. Our churches and neighborhoods are FULL of hurting people!
1. The lady who has been cleaning for me 2 days a week, she is suffering persecution from her Mother (whom she lives with) and her neighbors because of her walk with the Lord. Please pray that God will protect and encourage she and her 2 small girls!
2. A lady in our church is dying with cancer leaving 2 young daughters and a teenage son. Their Father already passed away! HOW SAD!
3. The little 8 year old girl that fell and landed on that piece of Rebar (piece of round metal that they use to pour concrete) and it went through her chin, through the roof of her mouth and then pushed a bone into her brain....the doctors are wanting $10,000 DOLLARS to do her surgery to help remove the bone from her brain and fix the other holes left by the rebar, but of course no one has that kind of money. That rebar shoved a bone into her brain, and infection is setting in...So, unless God heals her, she may not make it. =( Please pray for her and her family.~The little girl who fell on the rebar is all the way on the Right!~
4. A little girl who has been blind for years with cataracts and glacoma on/in her eyes, and possibly other problems. She became blind when she was about 6-8 months old. The doctors are pretty confident that she should be able to see after surgery. Some of our dear supporters have given money for her to have surgery, which she plans to do soon. Please pray that God will help her family to get all the paperwork done so she can have the surgery and that God will guide the doctors and that her surgery will be successful and she will be able to see soon!
5. A Christian brother Jimmy and his wife, who are in charge of the ACE school, have had some discouraging times here recently. He was robbed at GUNPOINT in a crowded bus. Someone broke out almost all of the school windows. One of the main couples in their new church just left. =(~Jimmy and Phillip~
6. Our friends Carlos and Gloria (parents of little Donna Sofia, who's hips seem to be fine now after she got that cast off), pastor a church in a poor area, and they have had some tough trials too. Their keyboard for their church was stolen out of their LOCKED TRUNK OF THEIR CAR! The other day, it hailed A LOT here, and the hail tore up the roof of their home that they were living in, causing A LOT of water damage too. They have had to move out and are staying with her parents until they can get that home repaired. They are pretty discouraged. ~Carlos, Gloria and Donna Sofia.~


Michelle said...

I will be praying Heather. Thanks We Love you all, Michelle J

Linda S said...

Your posts have opened up a whole new "world" to us in the states. When we can see thru your pictures and your word descriptions, we are touched. Thanks for sharing.

Kim M. said...

Thanks for sharing these requests ... I NEEDED that.. especially today. I have had some trials in my life lately, but they don't even compare to the needs of those hurting people there. I will help you pray. Hope you get to feeling better!

Gayle said...

We will be praying! Glad you had a nice birthday.
Love ya,

Kelly S said...

Thank you for sharing your requests. You are our favorite missionaries to pray for!

Twila G. said...

I will be lifting these needs to our Father. Thank you for sharing. It's a privilege to pray for you and your people there.

Beth Stetler said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. I was miserable the first 3 months with Kent.

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