Saturday, November 24, 2007

~Our Happy Thanksgiving~

We had a different but fun Thanksgiving. We slept in, ate breakfast, had family devotions and thanked God for our MANY BLESSINGS, then put up our Christmas tree, and put the lights on it, then left for McDonalds...where we had Thanksgiving dinner. I know that sounds like a gross Thanksgiving dinner, but our kids were THRILLED to get to play at the playground, and we had a nice time. (You have to know that here, a lot of McDonalds save their playground ONLY for the birthday parties that they our kids were glad to find a McDonalds where they could actually play in the playground!) ~Our family on Thanksgiving~

On the way home I told our kids, "I'm sorry, kids, that Mommy didn't feel like cooking a normal Thanksgiving dinner!" And Sarah said, "Oh, Mommy, that is fine!" And Kimberly said, "I think that I liked this Thanksgiving better than the rest!" =D Thank the Lord I wasn't very sick on this day either. After we ate we came home and I took a nap, and Phillip left for our Thursday night service. Then when I got up, the kids and I had fun and finished decorating our Christmas tree. I'm sooo glad that the kids and GOD helped me have the energy to decorate for Christmas...for it's all done now, and I'm glad. I LOVE CHRISTMAS and decorating for Christmas, just don't have tons of extra energy right now to do it all. But with God and the kids help, it's all done and the house looks really pretty and festive. I'll try to post pics later of our home!
~Our kids had a GREAT Thanksgiving, playing in the playground.~

Please Keep little blind Maria in your prayers, we'd love for her to be able to have her eye surgery if that is God's will.


Rob and Deanna said...

Your ThanksGiving Spread Looks AWESOME!! ;-) Nice you were feeling able to go out & have a fun Family Day together at McD's.
My Sis-in-law, Katrina, is due on Sun.!! She is having a little boy, Landen.
Kristin & I planned our menu & schedule for New Years when the Paulus clan will get together at my house for 4 days. 26 Total!

Anonymous said...

How's the little girl who fell on the rebar?

~Heather~ said...

A little while ago, Phillip went and visited the little girl that fell on the rebar and her family and she was doing the same...she has infection and NEEDS surgery.

Thanks for asking, but I wish I knew who you were. =)

Heather =)

Gayle said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!
You have a way of making even eating at Mcdonlds special!
Love ya!

Travis & Donna & Kids said...

Wow, Brave, very brave..... I admire your non-traditional experiments. Im sure that that thanksgiving dinner will be remembered for awile. !!

Leah said...

Heather - I had to chuckle when Pastor Wolfe mentioned that he had missionary friends who went to McDonalds for Thanksgiving since the "mother" wasn't feeling well!! I knew it had to have been you all!!!!

Dixie said...

I am glad you were feeling good for Thanskgiving. I would like to have your regular roll recipe. Thank You. Dixie

Kelly S said...

This sounds like a Thanksgiving my kids would enjoy as well! Fun memories.

We are praying for the little blind girl. I can't imagine why they won't do it past the age of 10! We're praying for a miracle. God is able!

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