Friday, November 16, 2007

~Cappuccino shakes, choc. cake, and a flying drum stick.

Hey! I'm just going to post a post to let you know I'm still alive. Our computer is having trouble, and overheats and turns off a lot, so I haven't been using it too much! Sorry, I won't post any pics today, for fear that my computer won't be able to handle it. Thanks to everyone for your nice comments and prayers. I've had a pretty good week. Still nauseated, but I've been stronger and have been able to get quite a bit of things done around here, which I haven't been able to do in a while. YEA! Thank the Lord! I'm able to teach Sarah 1st grade right now, so she is THRILLED to be back in school. Thankfully we can catch up easily for the month or so when I was too sick to teach her. The other night Kimberly made us a Cappuccino shake that would have put STARBUCKS out of business. HA!! No, it was delicious and I loved it so much that I had to make us another one the next day. =) Colombia is KNOWN for their coffee, and it is delicious...but we do find it interesting that we haven't seen any Starbucks here. Last night, I made a choc. cake for my family, and for my Noah. When I told him that I was going to make a cake he jumped and squealed for JOY!! =)
Today, I'm dressed up in maternity clothes. (After being soooo tired and nauseated for over a month now, my family thinks it is a miracle when I can get up and get dressed in normal clothes and am not in my robe all day! =) Thanks for your prayers for baby and I. Baby is wanting the world to notice him/her...and my "baby bump" is getting bigger. I'll post pics of baby and I in a couple weeks. Until then....on the following post...I'll post a recipe for the BEST and Quickest choc. sheet cake that I have probably ever made or eaten.
~~~A funny story!~~~
When we have family devotions...we always sing a hymn or 2 in ENGLISH so our children won't forget all the English hymns. So, today, I went to the piano and played for that hymn. Kimberly grabbed her violin to play, which inspired Noah to grab his guitar, and Sarah to grab her drum that Phillip had purchased her in Ecuador. So, poor Phillip was going to have to sing alone. I told him to bring the hymn book to the piano and I would help him sing. we are...QUITE the family devotions, with QUITE THE BAND. Well, Sarah was sitting on a stool in front of the couch and playing her DRUM for all she was worth. Noah was faithfully strumming his guitar behind her on the couch. Sarah's drum only has one large stick, with a wide ROUND handle. Well, she got carried away beating on her drum...and the stick FLEW OUT OF HER HAND...FLIPPED UP INTO THE AIR AND CAME DOWN AND SMACKED POOR UNSUSPECTING NOAH ON THE HEAD!! Since I was playing the piano, I didn't see this happen, but poor Phillip did and he was trying not to laugh, but couldn't help it. It was such a coincidence that that stick would fly through the air and land on Noah's head... and it was soooo hilarious too. So, here is Phillip explaining to the rest of us what had happened while we were HOWLING LAUGHING, and here is poor Noah weeping his eyes out. We all tried to hide our chuckles and comfort him, but it WAS NOT EASY. Sorry, I was playing the piano so couldn't take any pictures of our BAND! =D Later, as we told the story on the phone to Grandma, Noah was laughing too. Our family devotions are always fun and interesting, never a dull moment. =)


Beth Stetler said...

Great post! :-)

Eileen said...

Heather I am so glad you are up and around being able to spend time with the family and cooking again with Thanksgiving just around the corner. Praise the Lord!
Have your patterns boxed up now. Getting ready them ready to head down to you parents. I pray all is going well with you and the family. May God continually bless & strengthen you. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Boardman said...

Hello Heather! I'm glad for you and your family that your feeling somewhat better. After having four babies myself, I'm tired of being sick. =D I sure trust come Thanksgiving you'll be able to enjoy the dinner.

I enjoy your blog very much and saw your husbands just the other day. Wow- you guys are awsome. An added bonus to sharing all that God is doing in your lives!

Take care and many blessings.


Susanna Pilmore said...

I'm so glad you are feeling some better!!! We went out with Laura Wed. after church and had a great time. She talks so much like you! Tell Kimberly we would love one of her cappuccinos!!!! I'm putting my guess in on what the baby is and I think it will be a BOY!!! Miss you all so much!!

Rob and Deanna said...

:-) LOL So Happy you have been able to get up & around! I know you probably feel like a new woman when you have some extra strength to be able to "do" something around the house!

Gayle said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Poor Noah! That is so funny! Keep up with the drums Sarah! I wanted to play the drums but Rob Ryan won't let me:) Maybe you can talk to him:)
Love you all!

Kim M. said...

I am so glad you are better!!! Tell Kimberly I would love it if she would share her Cappuccino shake recipe (of course if she doesn't mind) I have started a tradition for my little family to make milkshakes or smoothies on Sunday nights after church to eat with an "appetizer" type food.
That's neat that you sing for your family devotions. We do that too and my boys (even little Ryan) have learned lots of hymns that way. It's a great way to worship!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any baby names yet?

Ronda said...

I enjoyed the post! You all were "making memories"! Hey..Heather! Guess what? Your Mom is going to be the guest speaker for our church ladies Christmas meeting this year! We are so excited. My Mom called me last night...She had just talked to her and was thrilled that she was available...I know that she will do a great job! Wish that you could be there! Praying for you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

Florida Bozone Bunch said...

I am so glad you are starting to feel better. Your kids will remember this time of devotions--the day the happy band got carried away.

Scott and Libby said...

Now I know you all are part Sutherland!!!

Aunt Libby

Tara said...

First, so glad you felt a little better today! And second, thanks for giving me a much-needed out-loud chuckle on your family devotions story! Very cute, and very sweet.
Looking forward to seeing those 'baby bump' pictures! I'm a pregnancy picture junkie!:)

Sarah Cook said...

Glad you are feeling better today! Sounds like a fun family devotional time! Well, for most of the family, that is! I love reading your blog! You do inspire me!
Say, on a rather difficult note, I wasn't sure if you've had a chance to read my blog... you perhaps already heard about Ron's cancer. I know you are a family who WILL pray. I thank you for that. Sorry about the post on your blog, but I wasn't sure of an easier way to reach you all.
Hope your pregnancy continues to get better. Mine is nearly over! Praise the Lord... I feel huge!
Take care, and we love you all!

kayla said...

I hope Kimberly N. doesn't see how good Columbian coffee is. She may have to plan another trip.
Would have loved to have heard the band. Maybe you can work up something for deputation.

Kimberly said...

Hey...that's sounds like a good idea!!:)

~Heather~ said...

Hey, Kimberly. COME ON DOWN! We'll show you around beautiful Colombia, feed you well, treat you to YUMMY Colombian coffee and LOVE having you!! Just call for reservations. =D

Love ya, Heather =)

Dixie said...


I would love to have your roll recipe if you are feeling up to doing so and if you have the time.


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