Tuesday, November 20, 2007

~Family day, and little Blind Maria~

~Saturday night, Sarah was trying to climb in the narrow space on the end of Noah's twin beds, but she hit the back of her head on the top bunk, and which caused her to hit her nose HARD on the bottom bunk. OUCH! It appears that she broke it, but thank the Lord it broke straight. I've been putting ice and a WONDERFUL cream on it that healed me when I fell down the stairs in Costa Rica and bruised my face really badly. Sarah plays and acts fine, just doesn't want us to touch her nose, so she puts the cream on herself. Her nose is black and blue, but it's hard to tell in this picture. =)

Well after having a VERY NAUSEATED DAY on Sunday, I was THRILLED that God gave me a good Monday yesterday. I REALLY LIVE for these good days...and Thank the Lord that I'm having more and more of them. I'M SEEING LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL (of nausea)...I JUST HOPE IT'S NOT A TRAIN! HA!
Mondays are our family days, when we try to do something special and fun together. However, we had a different type of family day yesterday. There is a sweet little blind 9 year old girl, named Maria, who attends one of our churches. She went blind when she was 6-9 months old.
~This is little blind Maria. She is such a sweet girl. She always closes her eyes for pictures, for she is embarrassed about her eyes. When Phillip asked last week in church who would bring flowers for church on Sunday, Maria raised her hand. Another lady saw her, and was afraid that she would forget, so she brought the tall flowers. But, true to her word, Maria showed up during service with a pretty little hand picked bouquet, and so after church Phillip took a picture of her with it.~
However, after doing some tests, the doctors give hope that maybe one of her eyes can be saved. Some of our dear supporters sent in the money for her to have this eye surgery. We thought that the eye surgery was yesterday, but it turned out that they just wanted to put her to sleep to do an eye exam to see what all they needed to do when they perform her surgery. Phillip left early yesterday to go and be with Maria and her Dad, for what we thought was going to be the surgery. But after arriving there early in the morning, they were told to come back at 1:00 PM. Since there is a nice park near the hospital, Phillip called me, asked me how I was feeling and if I wanted to bring our children and join them at that park. So, we got ready and took a taxi THROUGH LOTS OF TRAFFIC and got to the park just in time for our kids to play with little Maria a little while before we had to take her back to the hospital. Our kids and Maria really had a nice time playing together. ~Maria and our kids in the park.~
~Maria and our kids in the park. I had made a jean skirt for another little girl in our church, but she has never been back since I made the skirt, so on Sunday Kimberly gave little Maria that jean skirt, and she was VERY happy to get it, wore it yesterday and looked really cute in it. =)~
~Phillip and Maria's father watching our kids playing in the park~
When we got back to the hospital, they saw that Maria had a runny nose and said that a runny nose meant that her immune system is not strong, and so they didn't feel comfortable in putting her to sleep. Maria's father said that she ALWAYS has had that runny nose. Phillip is quite sure that her immune system is low because of how they live. They live in a SHACK in the COLD mountains, and hardly have any money, so they probably do not have very nutritious meals, and live off of sugar water and bread, etc. Maria turns 10 on Dec. 10th, and the doctors have told her that THEY CANNOT DO THE EYE SURGERY AFTER SHE TURNS 10!! So, please pray that with the children's vitamins and BUNCHES of fresh fruit that we bought for little Maria, that she can kick this runny nose and they will be able to do her surgery before it is too late. Her one eye is too far gone to be able to fix, but she is REALLY excited about being able to see a little out of the other eye, if she can have the surgery. GOD IS ABLE!! ~Phillip snapped this picture of me eating corn on the cob in the park. I was just eating it for the SALT! Right now I LOVE salty things. I must take after my grandmother for when she eats a hamburger, she puts 7 packs of salt on it! UGH! Please know I'm being CAREFUL not to eat too much salt, I know it's not good for baby and I.~

We went shopping at a nice American type grocery store that we only get to once a year or so because it is in the North. We went to buy a turkey TO PUT IN THE FREEZER TO MAKE FOR CHRISTMAS...for I'm not quite up to cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, but the store doesn't have any turkeys yet. It was fun finding a few other things that we like. I'm craving CHEERIOS...just plain Cheerio cereal, but I cannot find them anywhere here. If any one wants to email me a bowl full, I'd be grateful! =) Later, after Maria and her Father went home, we took our kids back to that same park and let them play a little longer and ate some ice cream together and just relaxed as a family. We had a good day.

~I'm thankful that God saved and sanctified me and is allowing me to serve Him.
~I'm very Thankful for the world's best husband, Phillip. He treats me like a queen!
~I'm thankful for the privilege of being a Mommy to my 4 sweet children; Kimberly, Sarah, Noah and baby! =D
~And I could list 1,000,000,00 other things for which I'm thankful...and I still would not have listed them all. God is WONDERFUL, life is GOOD.
~Me and my baby bump. I'm 3 1/2 months along now! Oops! I didn't realize that when I took my jacket off for the picture, I pulled up my collar.~


Beth said...

I'm so sorry that Sara broke her nose. I hope it starts to feel better soon. Ok Heather......YOU ARE HAVING TWINS so start writing S on Baby..;-) YOu know I love you very much right? You are one of the best sister in laws in the world. Im so glad you are starting to geel better. Love you lots
Beth ;-) OK maybe you will only have one. I just like teasing you about it.

Denise said...

Dearest Heather,
I'm glad you are having more good days. That's so horrible to not feel well and still wanting to be a good mommy. That's wonderful that you got to enjoy a day at the park. We will be praying for Maria and remind the Junior Church children to pray too.
Aunt Nesi

Marty said...

Oh Heather, I know what poor Sara is going through. I have broken mine twice! Ouch! I'm sorry I haven't commented for so long. I've not had the time to check blogs and am very behind. So to all the blogs of late...I am so going to add your little friend to my list. We have early morning prayer at our chuch in the morning I will spend time talking to Jesus about her!

I am glad you are having a few days that you are doing better. I remember what you are going through. I am like Beth and think you are having more than one! You need to go have Vonnie give you an ultrasound! Ha! Wouldn't that be nice!

I love you and am so glad to be getting "caught" ups on yal.

By the way, the bathroom looks wonderul! Go Phil!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Happy Thanksgiving Heather and to your family. I was visiting with Kayla Martin today and found out that you are sisters with Laura Hauseman. We were in college together at HSBC and I had seen you on occasion when your family would come and I believe while I was on choir tour we came to your church. It's been so long ago my memory is a little fuzzy. Ok. A lot fuzzy!! lol

Glad your are starting to feel a little better. I have really enjoyed reading about your life on the field. May God bless you with a wonder Thanksgiving Day.

Susanna Pilmore said...

Tell Sarah we are so sorry about her nose!!! I'm sure that hurt so bad! I'm trying to start a blog but we are having some technicle problems because Emily set her blog up first. I don't understand it all but if we ever get it going I'll let you know!!! We hope you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Michelle said...

I am so sorry about Sara's nose. I pray it will be feeling better in no time! I am also glad that God is so faithful and is giving more better days! We are praying for you. I also appreciate the picture showing the the "bump". You look like I did at 3 1/2 months and my babies were over 8 pounds. Looks like you all had a wonderful day - thanks for sharing. I will also be praying for Maria and her eye surgery. Love and prayers Michelle J

Elizabeth Flowers said...

Hello Heather!
Your baby bump looks soo cute! I just found out myself that out 4th baby is on the way too! And I have all the lovely nausea to go with it! Ugh! I am able to work and function thru it so far..will keep you posted on that! It is wonderful that you are feeling better! I had to laugh when you said you crave salty foods, because here I sit woofing a bag of salty white corn chips! it really does help the sick feeling! Little Maria will be in my prayers in the next few days..God is able!

Juwah said...


Sorry you're feeling yucky, but sounds like second trimester is coming. (that's the best one) I totally identify with the cheerios thing. I lived on them and fortune cookies for three months. I went to the local Asian resturant and bought a bag of the crazy things. I'm sure they thought I was searching for the answer to some problem. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

H.O.P.E. said...

Heather it is good to see that you are able to get out and about some. God bless you and I pray you did have blessed and "HAPPY THANKSGIVING", Thanks for sharing!

Roseanne said...

You look totally cute, both the corn pic and the baby! I'm glad your having a few more good days. Tell poor Sarah I'm so sorry for her little nose. BTW-She is turning into a beautiful girl - blue nose or not! We will pray for Maria. Love ya all. Camp's almost over - RELEIF!!

Charity said...

From a faithful lurker ;o) I'm friends with Marty- to give you a reference point & married to Nathan Brown- (Dr. Allan Brown's son)- another reference point. Anyways, I especially love all your creativity and sewing ideas that you post from time to time. I saw a blog today that (if you don't already live there, you should check out)
(It just reminded me of you) God's blessings on you and yours (and the new little one on the way) tonight.

Eileen said...

Heather,I just wanted to let you know that your patterns are on their way to your mothers. So you might want to let her know. I hope and pray all is going well with you today. You take care and God Bless!

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