Friday, November 30, 2007

~Maria, "Tooth Fairy on strike" and Noah

~We found Noah asleep in our bed like this the other night. The way he put his hands under his head...It looks like he couldn't handle life anymore for that day. =D~
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR PRAYING FOR MARIA!!! GOD IS HELPING! Her Daddy took her to her eye exam appointment on Wednesday, and explained to her doctors that her nose has ALWAYS run, and asked them to please put her asleep anyways so they could do the eye exam. So the doctors agreed, she was put to sleep, they did the eye exam, and she woke up fine, no problems! THANK THE LORD! The Daddy and Maria went to the hospital today (Friday) to find out how much everything else will cost and when the doctors can do the surgery. (The doctors don't know that the money to pay the bill is coming from the USA, or they would charge TRIPLE THE PRICE, which the bill is already A LOT OF MONEY!!!) Phillip will be seeing the family tonight, Lord willing. We don't know how much of improvement there will be in her one eye until she has the surgery and gets glasses. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR ALL TO GO WELL!! THANK YOU!!
~Noah, fixin' to play cars outside in the nice warm sun that we are loving having right now!~
On Wednesday I mixed up a batch of cinnamon rolls, which delighted my family, and the friends that have received some too. Then on Thursday, God gave me a good day, and I made Lasagna, salad, and iced tea for lunch. My family and the friend that was here visiting were THRILLED with my lunch I made, and delighted NOT to have sandwiches again! I've been too sick to cook real meals, because I couldn't handle smelling everything, so we have lived off of sandwiches until my family is SICK of them. HA! And then God helped me to be able to ride the hour to our second church, and we had a good service, I was glad that I could be there, and everyone was glad to see baby and I. I'm going to see if I can go to our one church on Sunday mornings, and then our 2nd church on Thursday nights, for I KNOW I'm not yet up to 2 services on Sunday, which involves 4 hours travel time, walking at least 3 miles, etc. per Sunday. But for now, if I can go once a week to each church, I'll be happy. Thanks for your prayers for baby and I, I'm thrilled to be having some good days!
Sarah has had 3 VERY loose teeth for awhile, but one finally fell out the other night...and so she put it under her pillow to see if "Mommy tooth Fairy" or "Daddy Tooth King" would put some money there. BUT...the next morning, Daddy Tooth King had to leave very early and didn't think of leaving money and Mommy tooth Fairy is pregnant and sleeps in now-a-days, so poor Sarah, the "toothless princess" awoke to just her tooth under her pillow, and no money! =( Just when I woke up, I remembered that we had forgotten her money, so I quickly collected some money, went into her room and told her to please get out of bed and go do an errand for me...and she looked at me with SAD eyes and said, "I don't have any money under my pillow!" and I said, "I'm sorry, Sarah, it's because your Mother forgot!" I quickly put her money under her pillow while she was doing that errand, and when she returned to her room, she was THRILLED with the money she got! =)~Her 2 top middle teeth are very loose and should fall out any soon we will have our very own CUTE "jack-o-latern!" HA! Poor Noah, who has 2 sisters loosing teeth quite often and getting money for them, goes around YANKING on his teeth to TRY to make them loose! =D~
We have our tree up and there are several gifts wrapped and under the tree. Poor Noah keeps telling me that he REALLY NEEDS to open his Christmas gifts RIGHT NOW...for there is NO WAY he can wait until Christmas!! =D
~Kimberly playing with her "Kelly" dolls out in front of our home.~
Yesterday, after giving Noah a bath, (but per his request, leaving him there to play in the tub with his toys for a little while and then Kimberly would get him dressed later)...I laid down for a quick nap, warning all of my children to PLEASE be quiet so I could sleep before we left for church. A few minutes later I heard Noah doing LOUD ROARING I yelled to him, "Noah, I need you to be quiet, for I'm trying to sleep...! To which he replied, "It's not me, Mommy; it's my ALLIGATOR!!!" We all had to laugh at him!


Rob and Deanna said...

:-) LOL That "evil" grin of Noah's just makes me Laugh!! He is so Funny! I hope you were able to get his alligator quiet so you could get some rest. ;-) I had Laura over last night & really enjoyed our evening! Our Men were away so we decided to have supper together. I don't like guacamole, but she made some & I loved it! Have A Good Day! Such an encouragement to hear about little Maria, I had just been praying for her surgery to go through!

kayla said...

That's great news about Maria. We will continue to pray.
I've been paranoid that I would one day forget to put money under Ethan's pillow. Good cover.
Love the alligator story. What's with little boys and sound effects?

Les said...

The kids are so cute! I'm so glad you're starting to feel better. I'm sure your family is VERY happy since you are such a wonderful cook!

Martha C said...

So happy to read that you are doing better!
Happy to read of Maria, too. I am very excited for her.

Beth said...

How cute of Noah sleeping ;-) The kids are getting so big.

I hope everything works out for Maria and her eye surgery.

Miss you all very much

Twila G. said...

Your kids are so cute!! I love reading about them and seeing their pictures. Sarah sure was a good sport about her "tooth money". Even though Caleb knows who the "Tooth Fairy" is, he actually cried once when I almost forgot and then tried to sneak in in the morning and he heard me! : )
So glad to hear that Maria had her surgery. We will pray that all goes well!

Eileen said...

Heather I am so glad that you are able to do more once again. And that you are able to do a little more for your family. I am so glad about the good news of Maria, Praise the Lor! The teeth thing reminds me of our grandson Ethan, when he had a tooth come out his brother Evan thought his tooth was loose and kept coming to me an telling me it needed to come out.
Thanks for the news, and sharing. Love Ya!

Kim M. said...

Love the cute pictures... I did the same thing to Justin once when he lost a tooth. I just admitted that I forgot and he was fine. Love the alligator story too. I am glad you are better and so glad for little Maria. That is sad that the doctors are like that down there.

Michelle said...

I am so glad to hear that you are having more good days! That is very exciting about Maria and her surgery. I will continue to pray that it all goes well and it is a great success! Your children are a delight. Noah is very cute with his mischievous smile.
The girls are beautiful! I am praying for you all! Love and prayers, Michelle J

Making Memories 1999 said...

Don't feel too badly about forgetting "tooth" money, you're not alone! Once I forgot with Sunshine Girl, and I felt badly as well!! I forgot what I had her do, but I remember putting the money under her pillow later like you did. I'm so glad God loves this forgetful Mommy!! :-)

Cute picture of Noah! And so glad to hear about Maria's surgery!! Thanks for sharing.

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