Wednesday, December 16, 2015

~We're back...PLEASE KEEP PRAYING...~

We had a Wonderful time with our Dear friends LM Hsu and Caro Juang and their children, seeing more of Beautiful Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, and enjoying God's BEAUTIFUL creation of the Iguazu falls! I have LOTS of pics to post...but that will have to wait for a later date, for I have about a million things to do. smile!
PLEASE PRAY WE CAN GET EVERYTHING DONE...for we leave for the U.S.A. tomorrow night! THANK YOU!!!


1 comment:

lila said...

How neat that you got to see more of this beautiful world God made. I know you will be so missed by all those there. Praying for your safe return to the U.S.A. I know you will have a nice warm welcome! Sure wish we could be there. Love you tons

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