Tuesday, December 1, 2015

~The Flings' last weekend & an Argentine Grill out.~

On Saturday we had invited Samuel and his family over.  Samuel attended the school in Peru where the Flings worked years ago.  We had a nice visit with Samuel and his family.
~Since Michele and I had just cooked a LARGE Thanksgiving dinner, we decided we didn't want to cook this day. :-)
So, we took Samuel and his family out for some typical Argentine food.~

 ~Then we went to the park to let the kids play and have dessert and coffee. ~

 ~Samuel, Phillip and Bryon had a good talk.~
 ~The park was right beside the train.~
 ~On Sunday at the Chinese church we got to see our Dear friend Uncle Willie.  Uncle Willie is a brother to Uncle Charlie.~
 ~Then after a good service, good Sunday school, and delicious lunch at the Chinese church, we came home and got my homemade soup and other supplies and took a bus and then a train to Fernando, Mariela, and Jeremiah's house for a service that night.
Here we are waiting for the train.~
 ~Bryon and Michele, Fernando and Mariela, and Myself and Phillip in Fernando's house. (On the table are lots of books that the Flings and Phillip gave Fernando and Mariela.) ~
 ~Mary (acting silly), Sammy, Noah, Elijah, and Jeremiah.~
 ~Fernando, Mariela, and Jeremiah walked us to the train.  We asked a man to take our picture by the "Tortuguitas" sign...Tortuguitas is the name of the town where Fernando and his family live.
Jesus gave us a good service and a nice evening with Fernando and his family!~
 ~The guys visiting while we waited for the train.~
 ~Us ladies.~
 ~The kids waiting for the train.~
~Sammy and Elijah in the train.~
 ~The men in the train.~
 ~Us in the train.~
 ~Waiting for our bus.  We got home near midnight. ~
~On Monday we took the Flings around the city to get the last minute things
they wanted to take back to Peru.
We also got them some of Argentina's yummy ice cream.~
 ~We had a quick lunch at McDonalds and then ran again to finish seeing the things the Flings wanted to see before leaving Argentina.~
 ~A landmark here in Buenos Aires.~
 ~Another landmark here in Bs. As.  Bryon, Michele, and Sammy with the clock tower that was given as a gift to Argentina from England.  ~

 ~The Flings last day...
and an Argentine grill out!~
~U. Leo and A. Caro decided that we couldn't let the Flings leave without letting them eat some of the good Argentine meat.  So, they and us planned a fun grill out at our house on the Flings' last night.
It was also to celebrate Valentina's and Mr. Han's birthdays.
Since I'm in the CHRISTMAS MOOD now, I set the tables with Red and White!~
 ~I had run to a store in the morning and had seen RED AND WHITE candy canes.
Candy canes aren't in an abundance here, so when I saw them I was so excited...and bought one for each one of the "kids" coming that night.
BUT THEN...when I got home I decided that I REALLY WANTED to have a candy cane FOR EACH plate!!
So, I ran the 10-12 blocks back to the store ...PRAYING ALL THE WAY THAT GOD WOULD SAVE ME 12 RED AND WHITE CANDY CANES!!!
When I got to the store...
Thank you, Dear Jesus!!! :-) ~
~I bought 2 strips of red and white gingham for my "tablecloths" and then put lace down one table as a table runner, and white tulle down the other.
The center piece on the ladies' table.~
 ~Years ago Sis. E. (my pastor's wife) gave me these cute Christmas place cards.  I enjoyed using them last night.~
 ~Phillip picked up these red flowers to put on the food buffet.~

 ~The men's table.~
 ~My little red Christmas tree as their centerpiece.~
 ~It was Mr. Han's birthday.
Mr. Han had never been to our house (since we have lived here), so it was fun having him, his wife Clara, and their son Nahuel with us.~

 ~It was a delight to have Uncle Leo's Mom with us (she flew in that day,) and Uncle Willie with us as well.~
 ~The kids' table.~
 ~Phillip enjoyed visiting with U. Willie.~
 ~Uncle Leo did a GREAT job grilling all the yummy meat in the grilling house in our back yard!!~
 ~Sammy, Elijah, and U. Leo.~

 ~U. Leo did such a great job.  The meat was DELICIOUS!!!~
 ~U. Leo's Mom came out to watch her son grill the meat.~
 ~The kids outside.~
 ~Noah, Elijah, and Mary watching U. Leo.~

 ~Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoli and Abigail~

 ~Ready to be grilled.~
 ~Yummy grilled fish and meat...All ready to eat.  ~
 ~Yummy salads that Aunt Caro made.~

 ~Valen, Sarah, and Jenny enjoying their candy canes.~
 ~Delicious food!~
 ~The Ladies.~
 ~The men.~
 ~The kids outside.~
 ~Mr. Han's cake.  ~
 ~Kimberly made the cake for Valen.
Kimberly made the green Christmas trees out of icing, and then we bought two cute littlest Pet shop Mommy deer and baby deer to put in the "snow." 
 ~She used little straw cookies and surrounded the Chocotorta (a typical Argentine dessert made out of choc. cookies dipped in coffee, with a mixture of dulce de leche (caramel) and cream cheese put in between the layers) ~

 ~Jesus really helped Kimberly on the cake.~

 ~Clara holding her husband, Han's cake.
Han and Clara and Uncle Leo and Aunt Caro provided all the yummy food and meat for the grill out!

 ~Aunt  Yoli made a delicious cheese cake!~
 ~Mr. Han, Mary, and Sammy (all ready for bed, for they left for the airport...EARLY the next morning.)~
 ~U. Han, A. Clara, and Nahuel.~
 ~The Birthday people...Han and Valen.~
 ~Uncle Leo, Mrs. Gloria, Aunt Caro, Jonathan, and Valen.~
 ~A group-ie~

 ~The kids with the birthday people.  (Abigail was having a rough night, so was already in bed.) ~
 ~The inside of the Chocotorta...cake the Kimberly made.  It was delicious, but if she makes another one, she'll put more cream in between the layers.~
 ~The Flings with Valen and the gift they got her.
They were heading up the stairs after saying their goodbyes...to get a little sleep before they and Phillip left for the airport at 5:00 this morning.~
 ~U. Han opening his gifts.~
 ~Since he is the director of the choir that Kimberly sings in at church...~

 ~We got him a conductor's baton.  :-) ~
THANK YOU, U. LEO, AND A. CARO for a wonderful grill out and time together!!!  It was such a SPECIAL EVENING!!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Jesus gave us a good 13 days with the Flings.
We ministered together, prayed together, laughed together, cried together, Ate together, and enjoyed being together! :-)
God answered prayer and extended their Visas...as they reentered Peru today!!
Thank you, Dear Jesus!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Now, with just a FEW days left before we fly back to the U.S.A., we would appreciate your prayers as we wrap up loose ends, decide what to keep, what to give away, pack, weigh suitcases, clean the house, etc.  

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Moma said...

Dearest Heather, I enjoyed seeing all the celebration pictures. Kimberly did a very good job on the cakes she made. I am sure it was a happy-sad time to think that this was the last time the sons would be in their parents house. It was so nice of them to let you use the house. Daddy and I are praying for you all in your last days there with the Argentina people. Love, Moma

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