Wednesday, December 9, 2015

~More pics from Sunday and Sarah's birthday...~

YAY!!! Phillip and Jesus got my camera card to pull up on our I finally can post these pics from Sarah's birthday breakfast, our Last Lord's day here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, etc.
~I quickly mixed up a breakfast braid Candy Cane for Sarah's birthday breakfast.~

 ~Dear Kimberly spent hours making Christmas sugar cookies to pass out at church to the Chinese choir to Thank them for letting her sing with them during this past year.~
 ~Kimberly's last time to sing with the Chinese choir.~
 ~Uncle Charlie in the left hand corner, and Kimberly singing in the choir.~
 ~During the sermon on Sunday.~
 ~Those SAD Goodbyes that made us WEEP!! :-(
I WEPT today, just looking at these pics!~

 ~Phillip Thanking the Church.~
 ~Our family singing.~

 ~Uncle Leo praying...Upstairs with the youth.~
 ~Our family sitting on this bench, while the young people said very sweet things about us!!
 ~Aunt Caro praying for our family.  (Phillip was chasing a run-away-Abigail. :-) ~

 ~A group-ie~

 ~More pics that I took of Sarah's baking party day...that I can NOW post. :-) ~

 ~Medialunas ...croissants with a glaze on them, and coffee for our breakfast.~

 ~The girls had a ton of fun baking!~

Now, I plan to post another post, 
of my Christmas decor here in Argentina. :-) 

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