Friday, December 11, 2015

~Post #1 for today, the kids' music recital!~

~I've got a million things to do, but I have to post all these pics before I leave TODAY for Iguazu. (Iguazu is the neat water Falls on the border of Arg./Brazil that some of our dear friends are paying for us to go and see.  When one of our president's wives saw it years ago, she said, "Poor Niagara Falls!)
Next week, I won't have time to post much our last 2 days here, nor will I have time when I arrive in the U.S.A. (For, I'm sure I'll sleep for a WEEK once I get to our U.S.A. house.:-)
~Last Saturday our kids had a music recital.  Jesus helped them and it was a nice evening.
Here are Noah, Elijah, and Mary with the Christmas Tins of Panettone bread/cake for their teachers.~
~Mary with her teacher.  These teachers have been such a God-send to our children.  They are GREAT piano and guitar teachers and we Thank Jesus for allowing our children to have the privilege to study under them for this time.~
~CLICK HERE to see a short video of Mary playing.~
 ~Valen (who attended our English classes) playing~
~William (who attended our English classes some)
~Tom playing~
~Elijah getting ready to play his guitar.~

~Elijah and his teacher playing. CLICK HERE to see a short video of Elijah playing his guitar.~
~Noah and his teacher playing.~
~CLICK HERE to see a short video of Noah playing his guitar.~
~Jonathan playing.~
~CLICK HERE to see a short video of Sarah playing the piano.~
~Sarah and Kimberly's cute piano duet. ~
 CLICK HERE to watch Kimberly and Sarah playing, and Kimberly and her piano teacher play a duet as well.
~CLICK HERE TO SEE Kimberly playing the Moon light sonata.~
~Kimberly and her teacher playing a fun duet.
 CLICK HERE TO WATCH Kimberly's teacher play an very neat Tango with another student!~
~The picture Noah drew for his teacher.~
~What Elijah drew for his teacher.~
~Elijah and his teacher.~
~Then we stopped by McDonald's to celebrate the kids diligent efforts in practicing and playing their instruments.
(My parents always did something special for us after our music recitals, and it always made me feel so special, so I carried on the tradition. :-) ~


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