Monday, December 7, 2015

~Our last Lord's day in Buenos Aires, Argentina!~

Sarah is having a great "birthday week" and is still celebrating today, so I'll post those pics soon. :-) Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog and FB! :-)

A few weeks ago, some of our Dear friends told our family that they wanted to pay our way for us to go and see another part of beautiful Argentina before we went back to the U.S.A.  
So Lord willing, this Friday we plan to fly to Iguazu (Voted as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls is undoubtedly the most visited place in Misiones and one of the most intriguing natural attractions in Argentina and the World) ...... and return on Tuesday night, Dec. 15th. 
Then we will get everything ready and leave for the airport Thursday night, Dec. 17th.
We will fly all night and land in the U.S.A. on Friday, Dec. 18th.
 (I think I'm going to DIE with the STRESS of trying to get it all done. :-)  If so, I guess, I'd spend Christmas in Heaven! ;-)


So saying, this past Sunday was our last Lord's day here in Buenos Aires.  :-( I had lots of pics to download, but our computer won't pull up my SD card from my camera. :-(
Thankfully, I was able to get some copies of some pics from my friends.

Bro. Tayang at our Chinese church asked our family to come forward, read some Scripture to us and gave a nice talk / blessing, and then had the whole church pray for us, then had everyone come around and say goodbye.
We WEPT!!!  :-(  It was soooo HARD saying goodbye to our dear friends.
~Our family listening to the pastor.~
 ~Noah, Mary, and Elijah.~
 ~Our family up front while they prayed for us.
Afterwards everyone filed by and said goodbye.
There were LOT OF TEARS!!!
They have opened up their arms and hearts, done all they could to help us, and have been SUCH A BLESSING!! They have become FAMILY to us!! ~
 ~All the Sunday school kids.~
 ~Dear Alicia, her daughter Hailey and I.
I gave Alicia a "cake stand" that Phillip had made for me, for she makes lots of lovely cakes.
Alicia's husband and our friend Nico, is a dentist that has treated our family royally while we have been here!  They have been such a BLESSING to us.~
 After a yummy Chinese lunch, the 2 young people groups surprised us by asking us to come upstairs.
They sat our family down and went around the room with a lot of the young people telling their FIRST impression of our family. :-)
Their comments were hilarious and very sweet and touching!
Of course most of them thought it was funny when they first saw us... that an American family would attend a Chinese church.
There were lots of comments about them first seeing us and being SHOCKED with how many "kids" we have. :-)
There were lots of sweet comments too, that made us want to cry. :-)
~Mary and a friend.~
 ~That is Our feet...Our family is sitting on the bench behind Abigail.  She was eating a sucker, getting very STICKY, EVEN IN HER HAIR, and getting very TIRED! :-) ~
~Mary with 2 friends.~ the last few waking moments... before she fell asleep in the bus.~
~The whole group of us after the young people's fun talk.  
It was such a special afternoon together and meant A LOT to our family!!  
These young people have a lot of potential for Jesus and are very kind and DEAR!  
We love each one of them!!!~
~Then we rode the bus home, I took a quick nap, then we got things ready, took the bus, and then a train to Fernando's house.  
We had a beautiful time saying what we appreciated about each other, Phillip giving some Spiritual challenges, God's presence settled down as we were singing LOTS of hymns, then as we took communion together.
A friend of Fernando and Mariela's was there with her 3 girls.  It was so nice having her there.~
 ~The little goblets with the grape juice and the "bread."~
 ~Fernando is a walking MIRACLE!  God has brought him so far after his SCARY motorcycle wreck.
We didn't know if he'd ever play his guitar again, but he is using his right arm (that got broken badly in the wreck) more and more!  It was soooo NEAT hearing him play the guitar again last night. THANK YOU, DEAR JESUS!~

 ~Then we shared a snack of Mariela's yummy juice and hot tea, some sweet desserts, and "picada" (squares of ham and cheese), crackers, my homemade French bread, my Strawberry freezer jam, and slices of cheese. ~
~Mary met a new friend... Sophia!~
 ~The kids right before we got on the train to go home.~
 ~Us ladies.~
 ~Noah and Elijah with their dear Jeremiah.~
 ~An us-ie.~ 
We got home at midnight, happy in the Lord for such a special Last Lord's day here in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

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Moma said...

I enjoyed seeing your post of your last Lord's Day there in Argentina, but am sad with you at saying Goodbye. Daddy and I are asking God to please send someone to take your place. I was happy to see Fernando (sp) with his guitar, God has done a wonderful thing in his life and we thank him. Daddy and I are praying for you each day that you will have the strength to get all done that is weighing upon you to do. Also we are praying that both of you families will have a wonderful time on your trip on Friday, how nice of them to do that for you. I love you all, Moma

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