Thursday, December 17, 2015

~Baby Abigail says...PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!~

Jesus is helping us!  We have a few more suitcases to finish packing.
Then we'll clean this beautiful house that Jesus and U. Charlie, A. Yoli, and U. Willie have so graciously let us enjoy,
and leave tonight to fly home to the U.S.A.

Thanks for praying...PLEASE don't Stop...
While we pack our suitcases till they pop!... :-)
Then say those SAD GOODBYES and get on the plane,
To fly home to our U.S.A., family, and friends again!

As a always feels torn in two.
Part of your heart is happy, the other part is blue!
You look forward to seeing the ones that have been so far away...
But saying goodbye tears your heart out, I must say!

Heaven will be wonderful in lots of ways!
To worship our Savior and give him Praise.
Then to not have to say goodbye again will be great...
Let's all be ready for that IMPORTANT DATE!



Moma said...

We were so concerned about your flights home. When we got the call that you had missed your plane our concerns were more intense. But thank the Lord you arrived safely of that plane at five o'clock. And what do you know, Baby Abigail walked right to me and would not go to anyone else for a while. Daddy thinks it was because of my likeness to her Mommy, but eventually she went to Gramp! Daddy and I praise the Lord together that God brought them home safely. Love, Moma

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Yes, Dad and I too are so grateful that Jesus helped you to safely make it home. It was so hard to think about the load you were under to get your suitcases packed and that big house cleaned. I hope that you can get some much needed rest so that you all can enjoy these Christmas holidays.
It's really fun to have you back in the United States again. We feel that you are with us, even though you are 2,000 miles away.
We love you guys very much!
Mom D

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