Friday, December 11, 2015

~Post #2 for Today...A BIG Birthday Bash!~

~I don't have time to write a bunch on this post, but here's a short explanation. :-)
Our Noah and Kimberly share a birthday in January.
You can imagine our surprise when we learned that our dear friend Elisa, and her twins Tom and Jenny SHARE this very same birthday. FIVE birthdays on one day! 
So, we decided that we had to celebrate these birthdays EARLY before we left. 
Aunt Elisa planned a neat gathering at an Hungarian club which had a restaurant.  We celebrated 7 people this day!  2 birthdays in December and 5 in January.
We had a lovely afternoon together, eating, chatting together, exchanging gifts, etc.~

~Aunt Elisa picked up 2 BEAUTIFUL birthday cakes, for you see the day we decided to celebrate was also her HUSBAND'S birthday.  And then, since Sarah had just had a birthday, they included her as well. :-) ~

~Aunt Yoli made a little bonnet for Abigail out of a cloth napkin.~

~Abigail was playing with the phone and changed the I got a black and white pic. ~
~Yummy pasta and chicken.~
~The December cake~
~The January cake~

~The 7 birthday people we celebrated~
 ~A tad blurry~

 ~A Group-ie!~
~Aunt Elisa gave me a nice big bag.~
~Aunt Elisa and family gave Kimberly a very NICE PHONE...Kimberly was so happy and so shocked!!!  They also gave Noah a CAMERA and he is sooo happy as well!!~
~I found this cute little sign that said, "A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent."  When I saw this sign, I thought of Dear Aunt Yoli and wanted to get it for her.  Aunt Yoli loves coffee, and we have had the privilege of sharing lots of coffee and fun moments together!~
~Some cologne and a shaving bag for Uncle Charlie.~
~Aunt Elisa gave Phillip some yummy tea.~

~Aunt Yoli has a sister who lives in Canada.  Aunt Charlene has never met us, but has fallen in love with our little Elijah. :-)  She asked Aunt Yoli to get a gift for her little Elijah. :-)  ~
~Elijah is so happy with his Mini Cooper scale model car.  THANK YOU, AUNT CHARLENE!!!  We hope to get to meet you some day!!!  :-) ~
~Sarah is quite crafty with her hands.  She made this tree house out of cardboard and has enjoyed papering the walls, painting adding the flower boxes and grasses, etc.  She gave her little tree house to her friend Valen.~

NOW...If you will PLEASE keep those prayers coming, we'll keep trying to get everything done!  :-)
To see videos of our kids piano and guitar recital, read my post below!

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lila said...

I hope to get caught up on your blog soon!! Really enjoyed the birthday pics!! So nice you all got to celebrate together!! Love and prayers

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