Thursday, December 24, 2015

~Merry Christmas!!~

THANK YOU for your prayers as we finished organizing, packing, cleaning, and rushed to the airport in Argentina!!!  We could NOT have made it without your prayers!  There were times that I felt I couldn't go on, and then God would help me keep going. :-)
We flew all night on Thursday, Dec. 17th, and landed in Miami early Friday morning.  However, our flight landed 30 mins. late, and then there was a problem so we couldn't get out of the airplane for 20 more minutes...thus we missed our connecting flight to Cinci. :-(
They flew us to Washington D.C. and then told us that there was a possible STANDBY flight getting us to Cinci by 5:00, if not they would book us for the 7:00 P.M. flight getting us to Cinci by 9:00 P.M.!
We really wanted to get to Cinci by 5:00...for earlier our girls had been invited to join the youth from our Christian Nation church for their last night cooking for Ronald McDonald house and then they were going to see the Christmas lights in the Cincinnati zoo.
So our family PRAYED that God would PLEASE help us make the standby flight so our girls could join the youth!
After they had called all the names on the flight, our family stood up and went up RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE they would know we REALLY wanted to get on that Standby flight. :-)
As we stood there, we prayed that God would work out His will in us getting on the flight.  A few minutes later they said they only had SIX TICKETS...and we needed SEVEN ('cause baby is still free.)
Phillip told them we wouldn't separate.  Not sure what happened, but 3 minutes later they told us to get on the plane!! :-)  PRAISE THE LORD!!
So, we landed SAFE AND SOUND in Cincinnati at 5:00 Friday night!
There was a nice group of family, friends, Bro. Becker, and Pastor Eisenhart who met us at the airport and helped us to get home to our cozy house!
I'll post more about this later, but Laura and her crew cleaned off the year's worth of dust, scrubbed, washed laundry, etc. AND GOT OUR HOUSE ALL MERRY AND BRIGHT!
It's wonderful being Home!
And now with both of our little girls Very SICK with the SAD STOMACH FLU :-(...we are sure to have Christmas here at home.  (I'm really tooooooo tired to go anywhere anyways. :-)

Merry Christmas from our House...
To your house!


GLOANN said...

So glad God brought you home safely and in time even though I'm sad to hear that Mary and Abigail are sick. Will remember them in prayer. Been checking daily to see if you'd made it home.

lila said...

I can only imagine how good it feels to be home from a long stay. So thankful you made it in time so the girls could fulfill their plans. I'm glad you had a good Christmas!!! Love and prayers

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