Saturday, December 5, 2015

~Happy 15th Birthday to our Sarah!~

15 years ago this week, Jesus saw fit to BLESS our Home with our precious Sarah!
Sarah is a sweetheart.
She loves Jesus with her whole heart, she's a good worker, loves to clean and bake, loves to help Mommy and others, Sarah quotes JUST THE RIGHT QUOTE from stories we have heard...RIGHT AT THE RIGHT TIME...making our family howl laughing, Sarah is very crafty with her hands, and is an all around blessing to all those who know her.~
 ~Happy Birthday, Sweet Sarah.  You bring a lot of JOY to our family!~
~Months ago, Sarah and I talked about how fun a TEA PARTY would be to celebrate her 15th birthday.
However, I knew that I would be quite sTrEsSed in my life at the time of her birthday, trying to sort through this whole house, clean, pack suitcases, weigh suitcases, say SAD goodbyes, etc. (WITH JUST A FEW DAYS LEFT...PRAYERS APPRECIATED THAT WE CAN GET IT ALL DONE!!!!!)

So, months ago I talked Aunt Caro about finding a tea room in which to have Sarah's tea party.
Later, Aunt Caro said that she and Aunt Yoli had been talking that they wanted to plan a SPECIAL tea party for Sarah at Aunt Yoli's house.  How very THOUGHTFUL and FUN!
Here's LOTS of pics for you to enjoy.
~I made some blackberry and blueberry muffins to take to the tea party at Aunt Yoli's house.~
~And Abigail was my HELPER.  ;-) ~
~I made some French Macarons as a little party favor for each of the ladies at the tea party.~ 
~Sarah wanted a light-blue-and-white-snowflake-wintery theme.  :-) ~
~And I made strawberry scones.~
~Kimberly, Sarah, Mary, and I heading out the door to ride the bus to Aunt Yoli's house.~

~Aunt Yoli did such a beautiful job setting the pretty table and decorating for Sarah's tea party.  Even her little sugar bowl matched. :-) ~
~Sarah's chair.~

~The pretty mirror Aunt Yoli decorated with tulle, blue lights, star/snowflakes, and other pretty Christmasy items...~
~Like this pretty Christmas tree made out of blue and silver bells, this angel, and other sweet Christmasy items.~~
~Kimberly's pretty place setting.  Aunt Caro found the pretty flowered napkins that were tucked inside Aunt Yoli's pretty clothe napkins.~
~Aunt Yoli's pretty centerpiece.~
~Strawberry scones.~
~The yummy pastries and cookies on Aunt Yoli's pretty 2 tiered platter.~
~Her other pretty 2 tiered platter.~
~Sarah's pretty place setting.~
~Grammy E. got me these wintery place cards years ago.~
~Aunt Caro developed these pictures of Sarah to put in this cute frame Aunt Yoli had.  Then Aunt Yoli gave this to Sarah as one of her gifts. :-) ~
~Pretty silver flowers in a pretty blue vase.~
~Mary looking in Aunt Yoli's pretty mirror.~
~Sarah's gifts.~
~Our beautiful table.~

~Mary wearing the pretty shawl Aunt Yoli gave her...with our beautiful table.~
~Sarah and Mary.~
~When the Beckers were here, I found these pretty paper cups for cup cakes.
I knew right then and there that I would be making cup cakes for Sarah's tea party...for I LOVED these pretty cups. :-) ~
~My blueberry and Blackberry muffins in the pretty little cups.~

 ~Aunt Yoli's pretty 2 tiered platter with the salty sandwiches and pastries on it.~
~Yummy treats...waiting to be enjoyed.~
~Aunt Yoli's pretty mirror again.~
~In the 2nd bowl from the right were party favors that Aunt Yoli made of yummy Lindt candy balls in light blue or gray clothe bags. :-) ~
~The pretty pictures that Aunt Caro developed.~

~The yummy sandwiches that Aunt Yoli made on the bottom of her 2 tiered platter with the sweets on the top tier.~

~We turned the ceiling light off so we could see the pretty blue lights and tulle.~
~Aunt Yoli's pretty tea pot.~
~All ready to enjoy our tea party.~
~Valen, Sarah, and Mary.~
~Us ladies and our beautiful table.~

~All pretty and ready to enjoy our Tea party. ~
~Aunt Yoli served a Delicious tea that was Caramel Jasmine.  Yummy!~

~Aunt Caro made Sarah's beautiful cake.~

~Aunt Caro made a 2 tiered cake.  
The top layer was vanilla with peaches, and the bottom layer was chocolate with strawberries.~
 ~Sarah and I were happy to find all the cute snowflakes (made out of sugar) at a party store.~

~For supper we went to the Chinese restaurant, so we could celebrate Sarah with our men too.
The kids and Sarah.~
~With baby Abigail.~
~Our family and Sarah.~

~Uncle Leo and Aunt Caro, Jonathan and Valen, and U. Leo's Mom Aunt Gloria, Uncle Charlie, and Aunt Yoli, and Nahuel and our family...all with Sarah.~

~Sarah said a prayer and then blew out her candles.~

~Sarah cutting her cake.~
~Uncle Han...our Chef! (The food was delicious, as always!)~
~The inside of Aunt Caro's YUMMY cake!~
~Gift time!~
~Sarah and Valen with Valen's gift.~

~Valen drew some little characters and wrote:
Valen and "Best" in one frame,
and Sarah and "Friends" in the other frame.
Valen will keep the frame that says "Sarah,"
and Sarah will keep the frame that says "Valen!"
What a sweet and fun gift.~

~We got Sarah this little "metal tea pot tea bulb" to put tea leaves in.~

~We got her a 2016 daily planner.~
~We got her some sweet little fancy tea spoons.~
~Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoli got Sarah that sweet frame with the pictures of Sarah inside it....and~
~and a beautiful tea cup made in England.~

~Sarah has a record player in our U.S.A home (Thank you, Dear Kemps!! :-) and LOVES records.
There is a record player and record here in this house that Sarah had fallen in LOVE with.
So, Aunt Caro found that record on line and bought it for us, (we paid her back) and U. Charlie picked up that record for us to give to Sarah for her birthday.  She was SO HAPPY!~
~U. Leo and A. Caro, Jonathan and Valen gave Sarah an adorable teapot for ONE person.~

Jesus and our Dear Chinese friends gave Sarah a WONDERFUL 15th birthday!
Dear Uncle Charlie and Aunt Yoli
Uncle Leo and Aunt Caro (and family)
for all you did to make Sarah's 15th birthday UNFORGETTABLE!!  :-)


Love, MOMA said...

Dearest Sarah, Happy Birthday to you from Gram and Gramp! I couldn't wait to see your Birthday celebration that your Argentina friends gave you. It was very special! And you are getting to be a very special young lady, very pretty and talented as well! I will be looking forward to you being home, real soon!

I don't know how you ate all that wonderful food but was so special for the ladies at noon and then to get to be with the whole family's at dinner. We will look forward to sharing with you all, all the birthdays when you get home. Lots of Love, Gram

GLOANN said...

Beautiful celebration of a beautiful young lady.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!! can't wait to see you in a couple wks!!!!! you and i are so much alike!! glad I'm not the only one that quotes things like 24-7!!! :);) love you soooooo much!!!! can't wait to share lots more crazy laughs with you!!!
love your cuz,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Wow! This was one gorgeous Tea and Birthday Party for you, dear Sarah! You have made more memories in your time in Argentina than could have been thought possible! In later years, these fun times will coordinate with places and people in many different ways, and you will realize that your Heavenly Father planned it all. I wouldn't be surprised if little Miss Valen is a part of your life, later on. The two pictures she made for you and her were such a cute idea. All of your birthday gifts were really special, weren't they? And your genuine Chinese Tea Party was absolutely elegant! How kind of your two sweet Chinese aunts to make up such a beautiful Tea Party for all of you girls! You will never forget them and they will never forget you. Jesus knows how to make our lives so happy and special. I am glad that you have been the recipient of such a special birthday celebration on your 15th birthday. Love, Your Grandma in North America

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