Tuesday, December 8, 2015

~Sarah and her friends bake goodies!~

Sunday night late after our service at Fernando's house, right before we got on the train to come home, Mary tripped and fell and KILLED her cheek (RIGHT NEXT TO HER EYE) on the corner of a concrete bench.  :-(  We thank the LORD it wasn't worse.
 Since some of Sarah's friends couldn't be a part of her birthday party, we invited them over to have a fun day of baking yesterday.
They had a fun day.  Here's some pics to enjoy.
~Shortly after they arrived we had Medialunas (a croissants with sweetener on top) and coffee with milk.~
~An us-ie~
 ~Jenny brought lots of Christmas cutters, and so the girls had fun making and decorating fun Christmas cookies. (Sarah liked her all white Rudolph on the right with his red nose.)~
 ~And some fun colorful stockings.~
 ~Cute gingerbread boys and sleds.~
 ~They let Mary decorate some of these.~
~The girls also made these cute watermelon cookies which we enjoyed with some coffee.~
 ~Paola brought lots of nice gifts for us. 
She crocheted this adorable rabbit for Sarah.
(She also got a CUTE vest for Abigail, a pretty scarf for me, and a little smiling acorn that she crocheted for Elijah, and a fun little change purse for Kimberly. :-) ~
 ~They got this pic after Paola had to leave. :-( ~
 Jesus gave Sarah and her friends a very fun day of baking!  It was the last time she will see 2 of these girls. :-(

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